The Five Women You Should Be Following On Twitter Right Now

The world is filled with wonderful, influential women and we're lucky enoughto live in an era where we can “follow” almost any of these women through their social presences and ingest little bits of their wisdom, 140 characters at a time.  And while we'll always wonder what Marilyn Monroe or Jane Austen would say if they were able to create and update their own pages, we still have access to some pretty great ladies on the Twittersphere. 

If you decide to follow anyone on Twitter, pick these five women:

Michelle Obama, @FLOTUS

The best way to keep up with what’s happening in the White House is hearing about it from the First Lady herself. Not only will you be kept up politically, but the great thing about Mrs. Obama’s account is that it is up front about which tweets are straight from her mouth, and which are from the Office of First Lady Michelle Obama. All of her own tweets are marked “-mo,” so you’ll never be questioning if tweets are straight from the source or not. Michelle Obama is a busy lady with a lot to talk about and tackle - it’s an exciting journey just to be able to follow her on Twitter.

Justine Roberts, @Justine_Roberts

For all your parenting needs out there, there’s Mumsnet founder and owner Justine Roberts, has created a space “for parents by parents.” If there’s ever something you’ve wondered if you’re alone on in the parenting world, you’ll find it on mumsnet. Plus, her account is just littered with delightful British humor (because all parents need a good laugh).

Amy Cosper, @EntMagazineAmy

For those of you boss ladies running your own businesses, this woman’s Twitter handle is a great inspiration source. Amy Cosper is the editor in chief for EntrepreneurMagazine. Get top of the line business know-how tips straight from one of the best women in business - not only do you personally get recommended great, business-minded articles from Entrepreneur, you get short, to-the-point bits of business advice from Amy herself.

Kristen Schaal, @kristenschaaled

Because you need at least one awesome comedian brightening your daily dashboard scrolling. Kristen Schaal is best known for her role as Mel on the show Flight of the Conchords, and her voiceover work as Louise on Bob’s Burgers. She also does stand-up which can be easily seen in her outlandish, ridiculous and delightful tweets.

Oprah Winfrey, @Oprah

Did you know that part of signing up for Twitter means automatically following Oprah? Input email, pick a username, and #FollowOprah.  If you’re not following Oprah on Twitter, are you really on Twitter at all? But in all seriousness, she has a great account to keep your eyes on.  Her quotes are reminiscent of a modern-day, female Gandhi, her product recommendations are on point, and she’s up-to-date on all things news and tabloid, so your bases are always covered.  


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