How to Add Pop to a Small Bedroom With Beadboard

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Since our little guy’s bedroom is so small, we wanted to give it a little something extra. We wanted a little architectural interest coupled with a place to display pictures and other accessories. To achieve this, we installed beadboard paneling with picture ledge trim.

The project went a lot faster than we anticipated and did wonders for giving the room some character.

We started the project by deciding how high up the wall we wanted our beadboard panels to extend. We were sure to keep in mind where our light switches and window ledges were.

Since we wanted to keep the project as budget-friendly as possible and we knew the panels were sold in 4’x8’ sheets, we decided to keep the overall height under 48” so that we could get two pieces out of every sheet and minimize waste.

We bought the pre-primed 4’x8’ beadboard panels at our local home improvement store and had the professionals there cut them down to size for us, which saved us a ton of time!

We removed all of the outlets covers before installing any of the paneling. We highly recommend that you also remove your existing baseboards. Unfortunately we did not do that until after we had started putting the panels up and learned that our baseboards were not level!

You will also want to locate and mark your wall studs so that you can securely nail your panels into the studs.


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