Flash Fiction

I recently discovered the concept of flash fiction. Essentially, it’s a very short piece of prose fiction ranging from 100 to 300 words. I don’t know exact how many words because, as I was doing research on the subject,  a lot of websites said something different. I love this concept because I love keeping things short and to the point. All my posts so far have been pretty short, from 100 words or more and I plan on keeping it like that. Short, precise and practical posts.

Anyway, I tried my hand at writing some flash fiction and had a lot of fun writing it, although it was hard, I must admit because I forced myself to write only 100 words! This piece is called Matchbook.

Quinn threw her purse on her bed as she flopped down next to it with a sign. She looked around the room, her eyes settling on her window. A row of objects sat there behind the translucent lace of the curtains, their shapes like a city skyline.

Quinn unzipped her purse and rummaged through it, finally pulling out a well-worn matchbook. She walked to the sill, pulling back the curtain and placed the matchbook by an empty beer bottle. She looked down the row at each object. Just objects yesterday but a mere 24 hours changed them into gold.



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