Flax and Running Apps and Being Gregarious

During the past few months, I've made some plans to change some behaviors and here are a few updates....

Flax.  I introduced a tablespoon of flax into my also introduced daily bowl of oatmeal.  I swear the flax is good stuff!  I've had oatmeal plenty of times, but with the flax, I'm not feeling bloated.  My rings are looser more consistently.  My system feels a bit happier.  I am fairly impressed by the flax - not by the oatmeal.  But I'm gonna keep with both and see how my trigylcerides look in three months.

Running Apps.  I downloaded a couple running apps on my phone (MapMyRun and NikeRun).  I wasn't particularly excited about them.  I liked the old school way of just driving out and writing out the distances and I don't like earplugs or music in my ears, but now I'm kinda sold on the app.  Last night I went on a run and at the mile marker the app called out that I'd gone a mile and my time.  At some point the app called out (from my pocket) that I was about to run my record length of time.  I admit that I enjoyed this little burst of feedback and looked forward to its next little message.  No ear things.  No music.  But good information.  I liked it.

I also really really liked that I could change course willy nilly and still be able to track my distance.  The GPS mapping stuff is stunningly amazing, even in rural areas.  I cut down across an old dirt softball field and through a construction area with a newly developed road and it all showed up on my map route afterwards.  It also showed when I went faster and when I went slower using color coding.  It's kinda cool.

Gregariousness.  A while back I reflected on my loser ways of interacting with others at the gym and the ways I contributed to the feelings of feeling out of place and self-conscious.  I reflected on how I could change that, not just in the gym, but in general.

And I have to say that I've been doing a fairly swell job.  There are times when I don't say, "Hey!"  or introduce myself, but for the most part, I've been much more open and gregarious.  During my triathlon I tried to chat a bit with other folks before and during.  It wasn't my best effort, but I think I warmed things up a bit.

And that leaves me and weight loss and exercise...

I'm back on board eating moderately, going to the gym, counting my calories.  I worked out this morning with my gym partner doing kettle bells and some pilates.  Both were good and my muscles are happy and sore.  It frees up the day for me to focus on the kids and eating healthy meals.

Yesterday I did not run in the morning like planned, but my husband who has been wonderfully supportive said, "Are you gonna go out running?" when he got home.  I didn't really want to at that point, but his encouragement to do so really helped.  I drove out of town to the dirt roads, got out of the car and then ran a whopping 5.4 miles UP a mountain and down the other side.

(Now you east coasters might be saying, "a mountain? really?" and you are somewhat correct.  I remember Back East mountains as huge neverending monstrosities, but out on the west coast where somethings things can be flat, we have mountain ranges which peak into the skies or things we call mountains that are appropriately hikeable mounds of earth.  And, there are no trees or things like that to obstruct one's view so their mountainous feel feels very mountainous.

And I ran up one!  I walked up actually because my walking stride was longer than my running stride, but once at the top on the path, I moved back to a running motion.  I went down the mountain on the other side and then took the roads around the base and back to my car.

It was beautiful!  And wonderful!  And I was SO ACHY all night long.

And what motivated it?  I guess that it was there.  The sky was blue.  There were no expectations from anyone including me.  I was safe and close to home.  It was a "just because it's there and maybe I can do it" kind of motivation.

And that's things on the homefront today.


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