Flax This Mr. Triglycerides!

Today was my three month community based check in where I had blood drawn and within minutes I had my cholesterol and sugar level numbers.  It's a neat process.  I've been doing it for several years and through two pregnancies, but nothing much has ever really changed - until this year.

This year I've been actively and consistently losing weight and exercising every day.  I've been eating relatively well, I don't smoke and the drinking I do is pretty moderate. 

Three months ago, I got my results and my HDL (good cholesterol) was great.  Awesome.  My LDL (bad cholesterol) and Triglycerides were both high.  Bummer.  However, I was doing everything that a doctor would suggest (exercise and losing weight) so I just kept plugging along rather assuming that my numbers would improve.

They did not!

In fact, my triglycerides were even higher.  My HDL was a hearty 82 which is nice, but my LDS's were 113 (should be under 130) and my triglycerides were 177 (should be under 150).

I'm not bothered or upset because I didn't have to leave with any new resolve to start exercising or eating better (while driving through a McDonald's drive through).  I'm already doing those things.  But I am curious.

It may be just my body and my numbers, but I suspect that my system could use something that it doesn't quite have.

I get bloated easily.  I don't absorb calcium well and it shows in my bones.  I'm prone to inflammation and get tendonitis easily.  I am more susceptible to allergies when I eat certain foods.  And, let me repeat, I get bloated really easily.  Nothing in my digestive system has ever been consistent.

So...I spent a bit of time on amazon ordering new multivitamins because I'm about to run out and then ordered a bag of flax seed.  I've been taking an inulin based fiber pill and not really finding many positives.  I'm hoping the flax seed and maybe an attempt at integrating oatmeal into my life might have some positive effects.  We'll see.

I'm open to suggestions, ideas, personal experiences.  For now, I'll do as I'm doing and add the oatmeal and flax and see if my numbers change three months down the road.



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