Flinging Flannel: The Day Daddy's Pajamas Went to Poop!

Today I did some mending. My Dear Husband saw me with a needle and thread (I'm hardly the DIY type) then disappeared upstairs and returned with a pair of lovely green and blue plaid pajama bottoms. There was a hole bigger than his bum in the crotch of these pjs, but he insisted that loved them and couldn't bear to part with them. Could I fix them? But no, I could not. As I mentioned, I am not much for these types of projects But something bloomed inside of me today and I had an idea. I took my scissors and cut those holy pjs up into 12 handsome new bum cloths for our fluffy bottom boy. See now everybody is happy. And best of all, Dear Husband gets to enjoy seeing, and even using, his old pajamas. Every.Single.Day.

The End

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