Flip flops are not real shoes. No, they're not.

It’s full-on winter where many of us live, with full-on winter weather yet some people are still wearing flip flops. At my local coffee shop, people close the door quickly, shiver and remark how cold it is. They wear parkas and  puffy coats. They’re in warm pants. A couple read their Sunday papers, sipping and chatting.  Both wore fuzzy vests. Both wore turtlenecks.  Both wore winter pants.  She wore boots with thick socks. He wore flip flops.

Flip flops do not go with everything.  They don’t go everywhere.  No, they don’t. Have we learned nothing from that photograph of the women’s soccer team at the white house?  There were all those lovely young ladies dressed for a party on top, but then on the bottom, some of them were wearing flip flops. 

We girlfriends talk about how hard it is to get men to dress up these days.  One friend’s mate refused to attend a wedding when told he’d need to wear real shoes with his dress clothes.  Another friend agrees with him, and says that she prefers not to go any place where she can’t wear sandals.  “I’m a casual kind of person,” is the reason she gives.  Except her favorite footwear isn’t sandals.  It’s flip flops.

People who campaign for their right to wear flip flops everywhere are not always the ones who adhere to good foot-grooming.  It’s icky to be looking at someone’s scruffy bare feet when ordering my food in a restaurant.  You can’t not see the feet. There’s the foot, and then there’s the rubber thingy between two toes, and then there’s rubber on the bottom.  That’s not a shoe.

So the discussion continues, with both sides making their points.  Here’s my argument:  Flip flops are not shoes.  Nuh uh.  Are not.  

© Anita Garner 2010


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