I just finished a guided-meditation. I’m sitting here now, typing  with my eyes closed, trying to find the words to fully express how incredible it was.

It was a powerful meditation on slow motion movement and energy. I visualized warmth and energy flowing from the core of my body, up through my chest and down through my arms and into my hands. The idea was to focus on moving my hands so slow that they would begin to feel like they were moving on their own. Using my mind as the vehicle from which to recognize the flow of sensation, I fixed my thoughts completely on the energy that was coursing between my hands.

As I sat comfortably in my quiet, darkened room and I listened to the intense, soulful music that accompanied the meditation, I unmistakably felt the energy ball up between my hands.  The moment I felt it, I jerked a bit in shock.

It felt soft, round and radiant. A magnetic force pushed gently pushed my hands apart and then slowly gave way in bits and pieces so that I could move them closer together. The break in the energy was small— just a blip—but it weakened bit by wondrous bit. The more I focused on the sensation, the lighter my body felt. I lost myself completely in this small space of energy that was vital and powerful.

There is this moment in a meditation when you feel weightless, physically and intellectually. A flash that, for me, is still quite fleeting. Almost as soon as I recognize it, it is gone. But for that brief snapshot in time, I feel like my entire being is aligned impeccably with all that is now. The feeling is so vital, it is almost overwhelming. It exists in every part of my body. It feels as though I’m floating on a balloon.

When the balloon pops, it’s not a loud, messy burst, but rather a soft, transcendent fall into a place of complete comfort and peace. And I feel total relaxation and comfort, with myself and with my life.

I do not yet know all the benefits of meditation—but I do know that the more I meditate and allow myself the full embrace of quiet mind, the less of a skeptic I become. This is an important anchor from which to release the constant mental chatter.



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