Flood Part 1

I've been putting off writing anything about the flood here, in East Ridge, mostly because the risk for sounding like a pity party is high, and there is nothing likable about a pity party. However, our lives are pretty consumed by the aftermath of it all right now. So, here is my flood story.

Last Tuesday, I woke my husband up so that he could take our dog, Blondie, out and drop me off at school. While I was debating in my head about which shirt to wear and whether there was time for a stop for fountain Coke without being late, Doug informed that school was impossible and suggested that i look out the window.

The scene was ridiculous like something out of a movie. There was no grass or concrete to be seen, only murky water with a rescue boat occasionally zooming by with first floor residents in tow. Our car, which was recently given to my by my Dad, was immersed to the handles already. Without any better options, we sat on the balcony watching as others evacuated and the water rose. Our power was shut down around Noon, but we chose not to leave because large dogs were not allowed to accompany. A downstairs neighbor also stayed for his dog, and, as his apartment was uninhabitable, brought a few possessions and necessities to our place. We spent most of the day watching things, including dumpsters, an outdoor fireplace and a water snake float by. The water eventually topped out around the windows of our Lincoln Continental, and I went to bed that night praying that it would be gone in the morning.


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