Flu-Fighting Frankensoup (and other home remedies)

I’ve been fighting off the threat of a cold/fever for weeks now.

You know that feeling where you start to get fever chills and your throat has a distinctly raw quality to it and your neck is sore? I’ve felt it coming on strong at the end of the work week for the past couple of weeks but have managed to squash it (or so I thought) in order to do the weekend overtime hours I crazily signed up for or to run around the city eating dumplings and singing karaoke.

Really what’s happening is my body is telling me, “slow down” and I’m (oh-so-maturely) telling it “Shut up! I’m going to spin class!”

I’m starting to run out of home remedies to buy me more time before I’m laid low by some inconvenient virus, but I have to say, there must be something to all these things for me to have managed the past couple of weeks without winding up completely incapacitated yet.

So I thought I’d share some of the remedies keeping me going just now.

1. Frankensoup – my ex-boyfriend’s invention, frankensoup is really just chicken noodle soup – but disgusting. You add as much raw garlic and hot pepper flakes as you can stand to the pot and then just eat the whole pot and sweat everything out. It’s also great if you’ve grown out of your love for Edward Cullen or Bill Compton and would like to move on to someone less angsty and more alive-y.

2. Extreme ginger tea -I just chop up some ginger and throw it in a teapot with hot water and lemon. I add some honey and down it by the pot-full.

3. Oscillococcinum – My mom always gives me these weird little plastic capsules of homeopathic globules (I’m not just calling them that, it actually says globules on the package) when I feel the onset of fluey symptoms, though I’m not sure either of us it totally convinced they aren’t just wildly overpriced sugar.

4. Emergen -C – I was turned on to this stuff when I was doing Bikram yoga for a while. The instructors swore it helped you get through a 90-minute class and I don’t know if I was just (basically literally) drinking the kool aid, but I found it really worked. I’ve also found that drinking a tall glass of water with it before bed helps ward off a hangover better than just the water alone.

5. Oregano oil – this is a recent addition to my illness-fighting utility belt. I have a couple of friends who swear by the stuff, so I’m giving it a shot. So far all I know for sure is that it tastes fairly terrible but makes you smell like a pizza. So, comme ci, comme ça.

Do you guys swear by any flu-fighters besides plain old R and R or do you think home remedies are usually snake oil?

This post originally appeared on Metamorphocity.com.

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