Flu shot, should we or shouldn't we?

After the birth of my second child 11 days ago, the nurse asked whether our family had our flu shots for the upcoming winter season. It was suggested that we all get the shot in order to keep the nasty flu away from the newest member of our family.

I opted to get the vaccine, reasoning that if my immunity could shield her in the womb from chicken pox, then perhaps the same would be true for the flu shot via my breast milk. I’m still not entirely convinced the flu shot works, isn't breast milk meant to be the all encompassing super drug to keep babies healthy? I was willing to risk negative side effects on the off chance it does work. My nurse said, the flu shot NEVER gives anyone the flu. Really? She didn’t look me in the eye when she said this. I’ve heard stories to the contrary of people who fall very ill after taking the vaccine. Of course, their are those that swear by it and get injected every winter.

My husband will need to go to just about any pharmacy to get his and my toddler son needs to book in with the pediatrician. But should they? At the moment, the answer is no.

What are your thoughts on the flu vaccine? My son came down with the sniffles and sneezies today and I could just about see the germs flying through the air. I don’t want to regret my decision, but if tomorrow we wake and it is a full blown cold it will be hard to keep the germs contained.

Is your family dosing up for the flu season?


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