Fluffy Has To Stay Outside

Snuffafluffagus is actually the cat's full name. As you see, she was named by a six year old. Fluffy is actually just one of our 13 feral cats that live in the back yard. People seem to think it's acceptable to just abandon a cat when they can no longer take care of them. Then they breed like flies and people complain that they're vermin. As if the cats were purposefully abandoning themselves. Some people even think it's acceptable to poison them which I find disgusting. I called the feral cat foundation and they helped me trap, spay and release 13 cats.  The many kittens were put up for adoption.

 I love the feral cats even though they mess up my garden sometimes. My daughter enjoys it and there is something about having 13 cats that makes it easier for me to have a pet. I vowed I'd never have a pet again after my dog died over 5 years ago. I was so hurt and upset I decided not have another pet so I'd never be hurt again. I'm learning that this is no way to go through life and so having all these feral cats running around helps me open up my heart again without getting attached to any one in particular. Some might find it dysfunctional but it's working. I will admit that they have to stay outside because otherwise they head  butt me while I'm trying to sleep and with my perimenopausal insomnia that's just not going to work. 

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