Fly in Style: 10 Airport Fashion Must-Haves

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7. Minimal Makeup

Don’t wear too much makeup, especially if you’re going to be on a long flight. Wearing lipstick, mascara, bronzer and other cosmetics for long hours will take a toll on your skin. Besides, you don’t want to get off the plane looking like you’ve got a black eye and smeared lips. Just have your lip balm handy and that should be enough.

8. Dark Sunnies Rule

You’re definitely going to need a smart pair of dark sunglasses. Apart from protecting your eyes from harsh lights, they’re always a hit at making you look glamorous even when you’re actually knackered out of your senses. Enough said.

9. Hair-raising Story

If you’re someone with frizzy hair and have a tough time keeping it under control, make sure you choose a hairstyle that is simple and low-maintenance when travelling. Save the fancy hairdos for later and consider tying your hair in a stylish ponytail, braid or a bun for your flight. Use a leave-in conditioner as that will prevent it turning greasy and frizzy.

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10. Moisturizer Mania

Sitting in the plane for long hours can cause your skin to become dry. Make it a point to put a travel-size bottle of your favorite moisturizer in your carry-along bag and slather it on generously when your skin starts to feel tight. You should also drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated internally as well.


It is actually easy to look stylish when you travel. For those who have trouble with it, I hope the above tips will put things in perspective for them.


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