Flying Away

I'm flying home today.  I am blessed that I was able to attend the funeral of my dear friend's son.

As I prepare to head to the airport, there are a few thoughts I'd like to share.
I get to fly back to my life.  I'll get up tomorrow morning and immediately re-enter my normal routine.  For my friend, there is a whole new normal she will have to adjust to living.  Her world has been forever drastically altered.  I would do anything to ease her pain.
Every moment is precious.  I mean every single moment.  Do not put things off until "later".  Later may not be available.  If there is a person, event, activity that means something to it now. Do not waste time that you may not have.
Let the ones you love know how you feel.  The ones who judge, or hate?  Let them go.  Life is too precious to waste valuable time or energy on those who mean you harm.  That toxicity steals from your very life force.  Don't allow them that power.
Don't be afraid to hug.  The human touch is one of the most valuable gifts we can share that also returns to the giver.  It provides love and comfort to those in need and doesn't cost a damn cent.  Spend your hugs freely.
Be bold.  Take risks.  Life is too short to miss any adventure or new experience.  This is one I personally struggle with but I'm trying to do better.  
If there was one lesson I learned this is to love hard.  Love fully, unconditionally, and without restraint.  Not only do you need that, but the people receiving your love need it also.  End each phone conversation or face to face meeting with those three little words.  It may be your last chance to tell them so.


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