Foiled by a Frito

If you don't know what's up with my current challenge, read it here.

Ugh.  so day one, I couldn't get to sleep before midnight because I stayed out late at church stuff.  Oh well.  But day two, I was on a roll.  I worked out in the morning, (plus sunscreen and hydration), spent some really good time with God.   Even though I had a late dinner, I made sure to finish it off before 9pm so I wouldn't be eating late.  I'm not going to discount all that.

but then mike came to get van keys from me, and he was eating fritos. I never buy them for me, and I completely forgot about the challenge when I asked for one.  And as I'm sitting at my desk, trying to wash the frito taste out of my mouth with a glass of water, I remember...I'm not supposed to eat after 9pm.  I let a little piece of salty crunchiness get in the way of my challenge!  Oh no!

So now I have to decide: what should I do for days that I goof up on my challenge?  Should I make myself add another day to the end of it?  Or start over completely, so that the challenge is 30 consecutive days?  What do you think?

Its crazy how the thought of salty crunchiness/ chocolately frozen sweetness/whatever else can make you completely forget...(read the rest here)




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