Follow the 3 Rs of Recycling in North Haven

I know the three-word phrase of reduce, reuse, and recycle has been done to death, but that has no way lessened its importance. The three Rs still reign supreme, especially when the world is grappling with issues of excess waste creation and management. Here’s how North Haven can do its bit for a cleaner and greener environment by incorporating the three Rs into their daily lives.


  • Waste reduction is one of the first steps towards creating less waste. Reduce household waste by buying a compost bin and composting food scraps and yard waste. It produces a rich fertilizer you can use to provide nutrients to your garden plants.
  • Shrink your usage of paper and plastic. Opt out of mailing lists that cram your mailbox with useless letters and flyers. Choose online bill payment. Avoid using plastic bags and disposable spoons and dishes. Reducing the use of plastic and paper will keep them away from landfills and reduces pollution.

Think before you buy. Whenever possible, buy used products. Reusing things saves you money too.

  • If an appliance is broken, fix it. Upgrade your computer and repair your dishwasher or washer instead of trashing them and buying new ones. If it’s too old but still in good condition, donate it. Exchange and share books, magazines, and DVDs with friends. Rent from the library instead of buying new ones.
  • Reuse plastic and glass jars and bottles. Use them to store liquid soaps, coins, or use them as a toothbrush holder. Old curtains can turn into tablecloths, pillowcases, mats, and bags.

The third and arguably, the most famous of the trio! This is possible because many towns including North Haven have their own curbside recycling programs in place which make it easy for people to recycle their waste.

  • One of the most widely recycled materials is metal. Plus it can earn you a thick wad of bills if you trade in your stuff with trusted scrap dealers like H. Goodmaster & Son and Sims Metal Management in North Haven. You can get contact information about them here.
  • You can also collect glass and plastic containers and sell them to a recycling facility once you have collected a sizeable load. Similarly, you can volunteer to collect paper waste from offices and schools and trade it all in for a few extra dollars at a recycling center. Just remember this rule: when it comes to recycling, selling in bulk will always make you a better bargain.

It’ll be tough initially to inculcate this habit. A visit to a recycling facility such as Sims Metal Management, Custom Recycling or even the Public Works department of North Haven will give you an idea how the city and other organizations are doing their bit to keep the city clean. Once you understand why you need to do it, it’ll make much more sense. And no, it’s really not that difficult either. Sure it’ll take up some time and efforts, but it’ll save you big in the long run. So reduce, reuse, and recycle – it’s the simplest way to keep North Haven clean and green.

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