Follow up to Food Babe and Starbucks

 Well I am back because today was really interesting! I posted my information on Food Babe's blog. I was respectful and tried not to insult her.. ok maybe I used "idiot" once. I replied to two other people who were saying essential the same that I was, kudos to them, and my comments were deleted. So were the comments from one of the other people I replied to. I went to her facebook page to read all the comments on her post she shared on FB.  I did not comment, I just simply posted an article by Forbes that explained why Food Babe should not be considered a credible source.  Another person did the same. About 2 hours later my comment was erased and I was blocked from posting on her FB. I can see her page but I can't comment. Basically, this tells me, she's not open to other perspectives and you can't challenge her in anyway.  About an hour ago one of her followers posted a nasty gram to my photography page. That's cool, I will leave it here.  All publicity is good right? I write this blog to offer perspective, some may agree, some may not. It's all good. I am open to other people's thoughts and information because I think that gives me the opportunity to broaden my horizons.  I posted my comments to her page because some of her claims were 100% incorrect and her followers should have all the information not just what she thinks is correct. 

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