Follow Friday, or The Simple Things: Avoiding Conflict, Finding Patience, and Getting Perspective

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality)

Follow Friday, Or: The simple things: avoiding conflict, finding patience, and getting perspective.

Yes...  She's baaaack.  For another Follow Friday Fill-in. 

I figured out that the nice thing about these is that my brain can start the weekend early.  I don't feel pressure to come up with some witty, insightful, or inspirational blog post - Feeling Beachie does all the hard work for me!  And I get to meet some other great bloggers along the way. 

To play along, just play the fill-in game and add the Follow Friday linky-dink thing to your own blog.

This week's statements:

1)  I like to avoid _____ if possible.
2)  _____ is a virtue I do not have.
3)  Sometimes the _____ are the _____.
4)  I think that _____ are the best _____.

And now... the part you've all been waiting for... MY RESPONSES!!

1)  I like to avoid conflict if possible. I'm just not typically a confrontational type of person.

2)  Patience is a virtue I do not have.

3)  Sometimes the worst times in your life are the best things that happen to you.  It just takes perspective to see it

4)  I think that the simple things in life are the best things in life.

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