Following my Intention, turning inward, loving myself, I found gratitude to live my best possible life!

A major piece in my quest to live my best life came together when I finally realized that much of my life I looked outward to other as a measure, a yard stick, to judge my life. I looked to those around me to see what they thought of me, what they had or did that I didn't; never really focusing on what was going on with me.  I just was measuring, comparing, complaining or lamenting about all that was lacking in me, wishing I could be more like people I knew or saw or read about in the news.  Oh I thought that I didn't look wishfully at other, only focusing on me: that was on the surface. Closer examination proved me wrong.  Then everything came together, all my reading, seeking, yoga, meditation, all that I had been using to find my true being, found a place within my heart that taught me the real meaning of gratitude. I started practicing feeling not only grateful for all that I had but being happy and grateful for others. When I heard something good about anyone, even people I didn't know instead of wishing that was me, I felt so happy for them.  I focused on feeling wonderful about other people successes so much so that I broke my habit of initially feeling that pang of jealously, that if you asked me I would swear that I didn't feel. Only by practicing the art of feeling grateful for others did I realize that for years I did not truly feel grateful for all that the universe has given me. 


Now I don't have to even think about feeling gratitude for me or others: Gratitude is woven into my being, my spirit. A natural reflex like breathing. I feel gratitude. Also I understand that in order to feel gratitude for me as well as others,  I needed to feel love for me.  Learning that gratitude begins with you and your love of yourself is a powerful step down the road to self realization that you are worthy.  Yes worthy of all the good and beauty of life. Truly feeling love, without any strings attached, for yourself, is how I feel gratitude. Once I actually felt self love I stopped being so hard and judgement on every aspect of my life.  By giving and receiving self love I treated me better.  Looking back I was my own hardest critic, sometimes being so mean.  When something didn't work out just as I planned I always put the blame directly on me.  Not that I think the fault should be place on others either, sometimes things just are!  I learned to live without judgement, labels such as positive, negative, good, bad, right, wrong.  Judgement clouds the situation so clarity is hidden creating an illusion not the true situation.  One truth that I live by and find very enlightening is that when a situation show, up attaching judgement doesn't change it, make it go away, help you, labeling only adds unnecessary drama.  I am committed to living without drama, not invited to the party I call life!


Self love, feeling gratitude for yourself as well as other is a powerful force that frees you to see the endless possibilities life offers to each and everyone of us, not just some.  Feeling joy, love, happiness, gratitude, acceptance, releasing all these powerful feelings to the universe unleashes the law of attraction to work for you.  Once I loved my self and others, sending those feelings into the universe  I received back all that I released and more!


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