Food Addiction Recovery for Food Addicts Who Want Help

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Food addicts, Stop your food addiction. Overcoming is not easy, but with support you can make it... Take control and beat this! Sign up for Healthtopia's Free Christian weight loss program.

Overcoming Food Addiction:

How to Release Its Grip and Create Healthy, New Habits

People who suffer from food addiction often feel trapped in a seemingly hopeless struggle with food. Compulsive overeating and the subsequent weight gain causes the person to feel shame, a lack of control and almost as if they were in a form of bondage.

People who suffer from food addiction have turned to food as their 'drug of choice' to medicate themselves; hiding behind the comfort of food so that they do not have to face their often painful emotional problems.

But there is hope for those struggling with food addiction. Healthtopia Radio® offers a FREE Christian women’s wellness e-Magazine to give you the support, encouragement, and education that you need to sustain healthy weight loss.

You can achieve your goal of a fit, healthy body, but first you must address what is plaguing you and causing you to use food to comfort yourself and block out those emotions that you might feel a bit apprehensive about facing head-on. I will use the power of faith and prayer to guide and support you as you work towards your goal of healthy, permanent weight loss.

When you are ready to reach out and get some support to end your dangerous relationship with food, please order my book Overcome Compulsive Overeating... Now! to find out how you experience a new found freedom and improved health and diet.

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You are also welcome to subscribe to our FREE Christian weight loss health and wellness e-Magazine ( where you can join a vibrant community of people who are learning the truth about healthy weight loss and embracing an energetic, healthy lifestyle today.

Healthtopia Radio® combines the power of faith and fellowship to motivate and equip you to reach and exceed your weight loss goals with ease and joy and glory... let's begin within and win! Go to


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Bonnie Mechelle, Executive Producer

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