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This morning I have the pleasure of appearing on Pat McDermott's lovely website blog, Kitchen Excursions.

My post focuses on my current experience of putting together a cookbook. The recipes range from appetizers tthrough entrees and side dishes to breads and desserts. And they all have one thing in common. These are all recipes my sister, friend, and I have created that use no sugar, little sodium, and lots of flavor.

Sister is diabetic and couldn't get her blood sugar under control without concentrated effort. Hence no sugar resides at our house. Our friend, Jody, is pre-diabetic, and didn't want to dip further into that well of dibility. Me? I just needed to get weight issues under control. I'm actually hypoglycemic. So those issues were our motivators.

June 30th is our book's deadline for completion. As editor I get to determine that deadline. During the first week of June we'll have a taste testing party for a larger group of 25-30 people to get final opinions on our appetizers and desserts. Sampling the wares is, after all, a time-tested maneuver for quality assurance.

This process of putting together the book is what I talk about on Pat's blog today. I hope you'll all stop by and sample some of Pat's wares--which are fantastic--and read about my journey to cookbook authorship.

See you there at Pat McDermott's Kitchen

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