Fried Freakin' Green Tomatoes

My sweet little brother has grown into quite a hard working, responsible family man. He has a cute little wife he's been in love with since he was like 12 years old and they are expecting their first baby in a couple of months. He's fixing up a little farm house for them to live forever in, and works the family business. (He's not all that perfect though, he is my brother, I lived with him for 25 years and know what he smells like, sounds like, and looks like after he's slept for 15 hours.) ...more

What I'm Reading: A Life In France

Julia Child was 91 before she began writing the book about her journey, My Life in France. Her story is inspiring to me, not just because she became the phenomenon that is Julia Child, but because of the quiet truthfulness I find in her words. ...more

Blueberry Sweet Potato Bread

Blueberry Sweet Potato Bread Here is another recipe that is great to prepare and serve on a busy morning. At first blueberries and sweet potatoes seemed like an unlikely combination to me, but the two turned out to be a wonderful complement to one another. I think you will like this bread as much as I do. Once my busy family is out the door, I enjoy taking a few moments to savor a ...more

Blueberry Pasta Salad

Blueberry Pasta Salad ...more

I had never thought of adding blueberries to savoury foods before, but it sounds like its worth ...more

Cooking the Books: Edna Lewis, an Icon of the American South

Edna Lewis is one of those people you wish you'd known in real life. Kim Morgan from A Yankee in a Southern Kitchen writes, "Edna is deceased, having just passed [in 2006]. If she were here, I would be so bold as to give her a call. I have questions for her about the food and recipes that she wrote about. Would she explain them in greater detail?" Who is Edna Lewis? If you're curious about American regional cuisine, if you have roots planted in the American South, if you simply love simple food cooked simply, well, you'll find Miss Lewis' 'number' inside the poetic pages of the four cookbooks bearing her name. ...more

Yes, I've enjoyed her recipes and have written about a couple of dishes from A Taste of ...more

Blueberry Spinach Salad Topped with Pecans and Blue Cheese

Blueberry Spinach Salad Topped with Pecans and Blue Cheese This is one of my favorite salads of all time! If you only try one of the recipes from this week, this is the one to try! It is delicious, colorful, and a perfect dish for a summer picnic. I generally make this as a side dish, but if you add some chicken or shrimp you can quickly turn it into a main dish. The Blueberry Vinaigrette is to die for! ...more

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins It's summer and that means blueberries are in abundance everywhere! This luscious blue fruit is packed with health benefits and I try to incorporate them into my diet as often as possible. I'm always looking for ways to improve my diet and the addition of blueberries is an easy way to do so. ...more

Food Network Changes

I’m not so fond of Food Network’s new direction.  The other day I sat down to watch a cake decorating show, but this one turned into a show about engineering. Could the bakers/designers duplicate (in cake) a favorite car?   On the next show, they built a replica of a DJ’s sound board.     I like the cooking process so much that I’ll watch enthralled while someone makes a sandwich, but I don’t want to watch cooks building structures out of food. ...more

Good question - I wonder that myself.  Food Network website does a good job of keeping ...more

Cookbook Ideas for Fathers Day Gifts

Is there a cook in the house? With Father's Day on Sunday, perhaps a "guy" cookbook is the perfect gift idea. I polled some of my favorite guy food bloggers for their recommendations for Father's Day cookbook gift ideas. ...more

I recommend to give your father this book the : See Dad Cook: The Only Book a Guy Needs ...more

The Cupcake is Over Me

The Cupcake is Over Me Posted by:  ...more