Mexican Lasagna

This evening I made one of our new favorites: Mexican Lasagna. It's an enchilada/lasagna type meal using tortillas to layer ingredients. ...more

I wanna be a celeb but I can't afford the personal chef............

I love all incarnations of The Real Housewives. I don't even care where they come from, although the Atlanta Housewives are my favorites so far. I heard Bethanny Frankel from The Real Housewives Of New York was releasing a cook/diet book so I pre-ordered myself a copy. It turned out to be surprisingly good. This is a book I will actually use recipes from. There isn't anything in here that is new-everything in moderation, if you indulge, prepare to cut elsewhere,etc. The recipes were why I bought the book, as Bethanny is a celebrity natural foods chef, and the recipes do deliver. ...more

i would like some help finding really good dinners but not breaking the bank account.

i am trying my best to lose the weight i gained while i was pregnant. my baby is now over a year old and i still have a lot of the weight from her. i am having a hard time sticking to a diet due to not finding the right recipes that are good and everyone likes in the family. if you have any good and healthy recipes that you and your family have tried could you please pass them my way so i can start feeding me and my family healthier. Thank you so much. ...more

Hey.. from my experience, the best way to lose unwanted weight is to dine at home atleast 4 ...more

Tyler Florence on Cooking with Family

It was such an honor to be invited to interview Tyler Florence, author and celebrity chef of Food Network's Food 911, How to Boil Water, and Tyler's Ultimate. As a working parent, concerned with feeding my family well, it was only natural for me to ask Tyler about how a busy man like himself is able to spend time with his family in the kitchen. ...more

A Practice in being a Locavore

I just put up a blog about the book by Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and I wanted to share it with everyone here too. And In case you're wondering, being a LOCAVORE, is all about eating locally to better the planet, better yourselves and to support your local farmers and growers. Still not sure what I'm talking about? Here's a little tidbit: ...more

Cookbook Giveaway

Run to to enter the cookbook Giveaway! ...more