Skirt Steak Fajitas

Fajitas are a great weekday, healthy meal. You can substitute steak for any protein you want, or even replace with beans for a veggie fajita. The flavor profile is vibrant (as are the colors) and the prep time is no more than 30-40 minutes max....more

A Sweet Secret for your Sweet Potato Fries

I'm an Oklahoma local cook through and through.  Tonight I made locally grown sweet potato fries to go with our teriyaki grilled beef and cucumber salad. ...more
I never got into sweet potatoes...but I'm going to try because this looks very delicious...   Cindymore

Must-Have Cooking Equipment for Healthy Cooks

Cooking low calorie meals requires a few basic pieces of equipment, but I promise that getting started won’t cost you a small fortune....more
For my opinion, the best tool is blender. You can make smoothies, pureed soups, or a variety of ...more

Family Meal Times THEN and NOW

Last night we had friends over for dinner.  I prepared a simple meal of Roasted Sweet Potatoes (my recipe), Crock pot ribs(made up recipe), Quick and Easy Chicken (secret recipe) and a fresh greens salad.  While enjoying our casual meal, the topic of course turned to that of eating and nutrition.  The adults at the table reminisced about meals gone by with their families growing up the meal table a place where family memories are made!  We compared current eating styles in the United States to our own experiences a few decades ago.  A lot has changed ....more

Holly's Halishkas: New Age Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

I've been waiting patiently for one of my posted dishes to fill the house with the irresistible home cooking aroma of my youth. Ah, I've arrived. These are amongst the best halishkas I've ever tasted. I would proudly serve them at a dinner party. I sampled one as soon as I removed the casserole from the oven...just to check for doneness and desirability. Then another...just because....more
I grew up on Gołąbki as well, Jane. This sounds delicious with quinoa, I'll have to try ...more

Do You Cook Black-Eyed Peas on New Year's Day for Good Luck in the New Year?

You've probably hear about the tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Day. Apparently even in ancient times it was common to eat black-eyed peas for New Year's luck, and in America, the practice spread across Southern states after the civil war, when "cowpeas" became a sign of luck because they were considered animal food by Northerners, and were one of the few crops that weren't burned by Union troops. ...more
Smart mom!more

Grandma's Borscht

I live in a community with a high percentage of Ukrainians and beet borscht is their staple soup. I figured it was time I learned to make it. I never liked borscht growing up as a child. It wasn't until I tried my Mother-in-law's borscht that I became a convert. This recipe is based off of hers. Although, when I asked for it, it came more as a list of ingredients than a list of measurements. She's not necessarily a slave to exact amounts, but instead uses what she has on hand - something I definitely admire....more

Roasted Red and Green Tomatoes with Sour Cream Herb Sauce

This morning, the farmer's market offered a surprise.  There were a few late peaches out of Porter, and still a good many Jonathan apples fresh off the tree.  However, I was especially happy to see a bowl of freshly ripened small tomatoes from the gentleman...more

Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free Vegan Coconut Pineapple Scones

I am so pleased to be participating in this month's Gluten Free Ratio Rally, founded by Shauna from the Gluten Free Girl, and hosted this month by Lauren of Celiac Teen....more
Wow! These look amazing. I can't wait to try out the recipe. I've never made vegan scones before!more