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A Better Bowl, A Better Serving

I think I've mentioned before that I'm reading a lot more these days and revisiting books long since returned to the shelf.  One of these books is One Bowl by the author Don Gerrard.  His goal is to help you appreciate and savor your food, all the while learning to eat less, and essentially healthier,  lose weight, and reach enlightenment (just kidding about the last one).  But it definitely inspires "thoughtful eating."...more

Two Forgotten Green Apples Turned into Muffins

Two forgotten green apples sat in a fruit bowl as days passed away. Their tart, crisp attitude gave way to soften centers. Their bright skin became oily and dull. They were breaking down from neglect. Finally, they were rediscovered, but it was thought to be too late. No longer good eaten raw, the irresponsible owner placed a foot on the trashcan’s pedal to open the lid. Suddenly, a wild card thought crossed the mind. The melting of butter, measuring ingredients, and breaking eggs into a single bowl commences....more

Healthy Lime Ponzu PIzza Another super product to sample from Foodbuzz.  Kikkoman Ponzu Lime Seasoning.  ...more

When Worlds Collide

Finding a way at:   2 min 17sec.   ...more

Family Friendly Meals

By Susan and Michelle, Co-Founders of ...more

Return to the Kitchen

by Carley Knobloch ...more

Taking Baby Steps to Losing Weight


No Strings Attached

Long stemmed roses, sparkling jewelry, lingerie, hearts, candy, cards and candle light dinners.  All symbols of love. All fine.  But not indicative of your value as a person that is loved or one whom loves.  ...more