Snow....and the Best Banana Bread EVER!!

2.07.2010 Snow.......and the Best Banana Bread EVER!! ...more


Valentines I took Dogger back to the surgeon today and he was very happy with her progress! Yay! I also lied to his face.  He asked if I was doing her range of motion exercises on her leg and I nodded emphatically and said Yes I am!  I am doing nothing of the sort.  I tried to  but Dogger doesn't seem to really like them and I'm not sure I'm doing them right and so I don't do them. Often. I've done them three times. It seems to be working. ...more

Healing Food: Lentil and Tomato Soup ...more

The Look of Love

I focus on designed, proven strategies and plans to help you live the life you imagine.  A component of a balanced approach includes appreciation, gratitude and love. ...more

Lotto Winners Need Not Reply


Three Healthy and Quick Snacks for a Flat Stomach

The key to losing weight - I mean really losing weight and keeping it off - is making sure that your metabolism is consistently working to burn fat. How do you keep your metabolism burning? ...more

Your Brain On Diet Coke

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Bright Young Things

Yes, ladies it's that fabulous time of year again. ...more

What's the best way to form a new (good) habit?

The second month of the new year is a better time  to affect positive change.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Anybody can make a New Year’s resolution that promises changes will begin on January 1st, but some of us know we’re doomed to fail with those expectations hanging heavily right there on the nearby calendar....more


"The most potent muse of all is our inner child." - Stephen Nachmanovitch   ...more