Quick Canapé Recipe for Parmesan Crisps

I normally have some parmesan cheese lurking somewhere in the fridge, so this is a bit of a go to canapé for me.  It's so easy to make and you will look like a domestic goddess when you whip this up for your guests.  The crispy, salty flavour is a great way to start any party....more

Two Mostly Make-Ahead Festive Holiday Dinners

Planning a dinner party menu, for me, is like figuring out an outfit to wear for a special occasion; so many choices but nothing comes together. The (such-a-deal) taupe sheath with a metallic band is very cool but none of my shoes are right. And accessories? Don’t even go there. The Baked Quince stuffed with Ground Lamb and Currants is festive but I’m stumped about a side dish. And dessert? Forget about it....more

Spiced Mulled Wine

I was pretty excited to try a mulled wine recipe for the holidays because I’d never had it before. I’m always apprehensive because I really prefer dry red wine and I’d always thought mulled wine would be way too sweet. This recipe is a great balance between a warm, spicy drink while still having a bit of dryness to it. ...more

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe

This velvety hot chocolate is steamed with almond milk, rimmed with chocolate and peppermint, and topped with whipped cream.When sipping this hot chocolate the flavors melt in your mouth creating a delicious treat!...more

Hot Buttered Rum


What Should We Do About Our Teens' Drinking Problem?

My family is drowning. Specifically, my kids. I would like to save them, but I fear I am just making the situation worse. Anyway, they haven’t asked for my help but instead continue to want more. “Mom, can you buy more vitaminwater? I like the peach and berry flavors.” “Mom, we need some bottled water.” “Mom, please pick up a case of Mendota.”...more
samanthamarieB  Saying "NO" to my kids is obviously not my strong suit. Actually, I do ban so ...more

The Staggering Physician

I try to be a "to each his own" type of person. I try not to judge what others are drinking. I try.  But I fail miserably....more

Thirsty Thursday Velvet Devil Merlot and Stuffed Pepper Recipe

There’s a routine every Thursday, I go to my local grocery store search for ingredients to feed the troops at home, look for a bottle of wine and get ready for a run. After my run it’s time to relax, cook and aerate my wine of choice. This week I picked up The Velvet Devil Merlot from Washington state. Basically it was the name and simple label that drew me to it. ...more

Kombucha: The Healthy Fermented Tea

Synergy Cosmic Cranberry KombuchaWhen you're on a road trip it's very difficult to eat healthy. Unhealthy eating equals to an unhappy stomach....more