Plated + Served: Light and Easy Guava & Cheese Empanada

You’ve made your resolutions and promises to take better care of yourself, right?Here’s an easy four-ingredient flavor-packed snack that will indulge your sweet tooth, but has only 40-calories a serving (and it’s all about portion control!)...more

Writer Naomi Schafer Riley Continues the War Against Cultural Studies

In the past year, pundits have written that Black women are undesirable, Black youth would succeed if they'd only work as hard as their white counterparts, and now even Black academics are being attacked as incompetent to study... being Black....more

Mixed Match: Film Spotlights the Dire Need for Multiracial Donors

As the mother of two mixed-race kids, I knew that raising multiethnic children would present some challenges. However, I never imagined that serious medical issues could be among them. Thankfully, my own boys are healthy, but other families are not so fortunate. And that’s what the new documentary Mixed Match is shedding light on: the fact that less than 3% of people on the national bone marrow registry are multiethnic – creating dangerously slim odds for survival....more
My nephew is a mixed race. Good to know. I will forward this information to my sister and bro-in ...more

Finally! Characters in Romance Novels Who Look Like Me – and Maybe You, Too

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are spotlighting women of color who are bringing diversity to the Romance genre. I’ve never really been a big fan of romance novels. They just seem so… unrealistic. You know, the mysterious hero with the heart of gold, the innocent—yet not so innocent—maiden, and all that creamy ivory skin. Always ivory skin. Never golden, brown, or mahogany. It doesn’t help the preferred settings--the Wild West, Ye Olde England, and Medieval Europe--don’t exactly lend themselves to anything but… ivory skin. ...more
@Grace Hwang Lynch The romance novels I have read in the past were by authors like: Linda Lael ...more

How My Father Spoon-fed Me Multiculturalism

My dad enjoys food of all kinds, and as a result, many of our family gatherings involve eating out. People often comment, “Your father must know a lot of good Chinese restaurants.” Yes, he knows a lot of good restaurants – and not just Chinese. ...more

I love this. I love fathers. Their lessons may not be as obvious as a mothers but they are ...more

Enlightening Cruise

I took a seven-day cruise and visited many different places. It was interesting to sit back and watch different people on the ship and on the islands. I was with my husband and children, but was surprised to find that two black men continued to hit on me whenever they saw me alone....more

It's Our Right! Or Is It?

Is it our right as African American women to voice a verbal or written opinion when we see brothers liking or loving only white women? This blog will usually focus on the trials and tribulations of growing up dark skinned, but I recently read another article about our boy Tiger Woods and I thought I would put the question out there....more

Hard Times

Growing up as a brown-skinned African-American woman, I experienced hardship due to the color of my skin. Whether it be rude comments (intentional and unintentional) or outright discrimination, being made aware that black is beautiful…as long as it’s not too black, wore on my self-esteem as a young girl. While this issue seems to be prevalent amongst all ethnic races, it is especially common in the African-American community. The “color-struck” ideology has divided and destroyed communities and even families....more

An Epiphany of the Senses, My Cookbook

Come Preview My New CookbookHi Everyone,I would like to invite you all to stop by my blog and take a sneak peek at my newly released cookbook. I hope to see you all there and thank you for your time.An Epiphany of the Senses, My Cookbook (The BIG Announcement) ,