Need to Feed a Crowd? Try These Terrific Chicken Recipes

I love feeding a crowd of hungry family and friends. Long before the designated day, I pour through cookbooks and my favorite recipe blogs, looking for the perfect recipe.Then comes shopping for all those great ingredients. I wander down the isles, challenging myself to keep the budget down. This, of course, never happens.For days before, I start chopping and prepping. Pulling out all my party gear, and torturing my husband with requests to clean this, or pick up that....more

The Chronicle of the Omelette “For the appetizing use of leftovers there is nothing to equal it.  For economy in extending small luxuries to their utmost it has no peer.  Question soft nutrition and balanced diet are answered by the infinite variety of fillings which may be enfolded within its warm embrace.  Serve omelettes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  No dish so lends itself to the inventiveness of the cook – and with less risk.”   ...more

Weekend Menu Planning: 44 Chili Recipes for Super Bowl XLIV

What foods come to mind when you think about Super Bowl party foods? ...more

There were definitely some new ones here. 

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Rutabaga. Fruit of Subterranean Darkness.

At first I was going to title this post, “Rutabaga, It’s Not a Turnip,” a quote from Andrea Cheesman’s The Garden Fresh Vegetable Cookbook.  But it didn’t quite give the rutabaga its due.  While a wonderful veggie resource, in her section on rutabagas, Andrea seemed unable to mask her lack of enthusiasm for this week’s vegetable.  Thankfully, I found the Advanced Rutabaga Studies Institute, and it wasn’t a front for a viagra site, as I’d originally feared.  (Sorry ARSI.)   The Rutabaga is related to the turnip.  To my untrained eye, purple top turnips and rutabagas are identical twins.  The word rutabaga hails from the swedish words for  “thick root.”...more

I don't think I've ever tried a rutabaga.  I love roasted sweet potatoes and roasted ...more

Let's Fall in Love -- With Browned Butter

Life's Ambrosia says it so passionately. "I just discovered browned butter and I think I’m in love. It’s so nutty and delicious that it’s absence from my recipe repertoire for so long is pure blasphemy." Browned butter is one of those 'basic techniques' that every cook should tackle. I've collected ten recipes -- savory and sweet -- all to tempt BlogHers to give brown butter a try! ...more

not good for my diet, that is! Mmm...butter. Gooood. :)

Karen Siddiqi ...more

Apple Pie Pops

Apple Pie Pops ...more

Monday Dose of Market: Winter Veggie Vendor #2

Winter farmers’ markets aren’t all preserved or prepared foods.  Here’s vegetable round 2 from the Fort Collins Winter Farmers’ Market, held on January 23rd.  I am grateful for the veggie variety, but surprised by the lack of farmers growing fresh vegetables in greenhouses.  Colorado is known for 300 days of sun.  Farmers’ markets, like this one, prove there is a demand for fresh, local food in winter.  Will we see more  farmers building greenhouses in the near future?...more

Explore the World -- Literally -- of Rice

Near my home is an international grocery with foods from across the world, an aisle for Mexico, an aisle each for India, China and Mexico, with half aisles for Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, western Europe, Africa, the Caribbean. It's a destination store of the best kind, a place where recent immigrants and foodies stumble over one another to stock up on ingredients otherwise difficult if not impossible to find. I love to ask a shopper whose cart is teetering with some foodstuff, knowing I'll hear a story about how much that something reminds her of home. ...more

I agree with Hapamama; freshly cooked rice is the taste of home to me. If I had to choose ...more

Need a Tried and True Appetizer Recipe For Your Super Bowl Party?

Yahoo! It's that time of year again, and we are big football fans in this family.The fact that my son is the head coach of a local high school, and has played or coached most of the 27 years of his life, hasn't contributed to our football obsession at all....more

Food Revolution

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Jen @

I really have ...more