My Journey into Indian Cooking

I recently became obsessed with learning how to cook quick, healthy, Indian food that tastes good....more

Weekly Round Up

It’s been a crazy week here at S.T.O.P.--Safe Tables Our Priority!  I have been getting ready to head out to Washington, D.C....more

St. Patrick's Day Healthy Rainbow Cupcakes

My daughter was flipping through the Family Fun Magazine when the last page caught her eye. It was a recipe for rainbow cupcakes–perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. I looked down the ingredient list and was a little upset. They used food dyes and a white cake mix. I thought that I could make it much healthier. So I came up with this alternative: RAINBOW CUPCAKES ...more

Today's the day my teddy bear had a picnic

The best laid plans of mums… never go according to plan. ...more

The Party

Kat Spitzer The Happy Hypochondriac

Empowering kids to eat healthy

Its vital that children be trusted to make smart food choices. This is not always easy to do when surrounded by trusted adults who seem incapable of eating right. Unlike most of the kids I knew, we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with balance. At dinner, there was always meat, veg & carb, as well as salad. What tripped me up and caused my weight gain as a child was my parents’ lack of attention to what I might be eating when not at home. ...more

Your Burger, With a Side of Dog Food and Ammonia

Question. Would you eat dog food?No?What if it was mixed in with your hamburger meat? Would you eat it then?What if I told you it wasn't your choice? What if it was already in the burgers you are eating?...more


Very interesting (and troubling).  Thanks for taking the time to sign up ...more

Should Young Girls Playing Sports Diet?

For years, my angel of a pediatrician warned me about the dangers of putting kids on a diet. We had many conversations on this topic because I was always amazed at the dietary restrictions related to calories and nutritional content (sugar, starch, fats…) that came along with some of my kids’ friends. Mind you that these kids were active and athletic. Their menus always made me wonder if I was wrong to be so liberal with meal choices for my kids – to this day, they love my pasta!...more

Three Healthy and Quick Snacks for a Flat Stomach

The key to losing weight - I mean really losing weight and keeping it off - is making sure that your metabolism is consistently working to burn fat. How do you keep your metabolism burning? ...more

When sentences change from ''I was really drunk and...'' to ''Milo and I...''

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