IQ versus BBQ

A new study out of the London School of Economics and Political Science says that liberalism, atheism and sexual exclusivity in men are all signs of a higher IQ. Honestly, I don't think smarts has anything to do with it. The bottom line in determining whether you spend your Sundays sleeping in or singing hymns is in direct correlation to food. ...more

Weekly Round Up

It’s been a crazy week here at S.T.O.P.--Safe Tables Our Priority!  I have been getting ready to head out to Washington, D.C....more

Monday Dose of Market: Vendors at the Denver Indoor Farmers Market

Last week, I was so taken in with the baby chicks for sale at Denver Urban Homesteading’s Indoor Farmers’ Market, that I didn’t post pictures of other vendors from the market.  There is a surprising amount of variety for February!  While fresh veggies are in short supply, vendors like Ginger’s Gourmet had the good sense to put up concoctions like zucchini relish last summer....more

Carrying Our Own Containers: Powerful Action or Pointless Inconvenience?

“Do you ever get embarrassed?” A journalist following my plastic-free life put that question to me as I handed the butcher my stainless steel pot. I was buying ground meat for my homemade cat food. In my own container. Waste-free. “No,” I answered flippantly. “I haven’t been embarrassed about anything since I turned 40.” But the answer wasn’t quite that simple. I do realize that my actions can seem extreme to many… okay most… people. And it’s not always easy to buck the status quo. ...more

Hi Diana.  I love that you go back out to your car to get your bags when you forget ...more

Food, Exercise and Diet: The Meaning of "Once in a While"

I've been pondering the idea, What does "every once in a while" mean, anyway? Who else has noticed how all the official guidelines, they're loosey-goosey, they dance around, they're rarely specific. So while we're at it, what does "eat sparingly" mean and how often can we have "a special treat"? Me, I can follow rules, just tell me what they are, pl-ease! ...more

I think this is something that only Americans would discuss.  It's only here that we try ...more

Purple Top Turnips. Not Just Animal Fodder.

It took me awhile to find purple top turnip inspiration.  I sat, pen in hand, blank paper in front of me, and……nothing.  I tried saying “TURNIP” out loud, hoping that might awaken some hidden enthusiasm.  Googling for purple top turnips reveals that most of the turnips in the world are grown as forage for cattle.  Turnips for human consumption are widely viewed with suspicion. ...more

american beauty


kumquats in honey-ginger syrup

Rutabaga Retraction!

Dear Readers,    Although I’m a “vegetable ignoramus,” I do strive for accuracy in my veggie posts.  Last week I wrote about rutabagas and told you I found it difficult to tell rutabagas apart from purple top turnips.  Turns out, my confusion was worse than I thought.  The picture I posted and labeled as rutabagas was actually a picture of purple top turnips. An astute reader and vegetable expert noticed my error and gently corrected me….(thank you!)  Pictures in last week’s post have been corrected, and this week, I offer you my rutabaga vs. purple top turnip comparison to clear up any confusion. In case you’re wondering, I swear, I really did EAT a rutabaga last week!  And it was good! ...more

I used both rutabagas and turnips for the first time last weekend. I think I got them from ...more

Sharks: They're Gonna Need A Bigger (PR) Boat

While last week's fatal shark attack on a kiteboard surfer in Florida is being called a "freak accident" by local media, mankind's abrupt re-entry into the food chain is never good for the offending beast. Sharks have long suffered bad PR and 201 shark species (out of 440) are now on the endangered list. ...more

I agree that our behavior certainly has to be tempting the shark into taking more of an ...more