Farmers Markets Offerings: Local, Organic, Seasonal, in Plastic?

What's more ironic than local, organic, seasonal food encased in plastic? That's what I wondered back in 2007 when I first started my quest to eliminate unnecessary plastic from my life. A trip to my local farmers market revealed more than just fruits and vegetables. Have a look at a few photos I shot: ...more

@prophetlady  Thanks for your comment.  It's frustrating to bring my own container ...more

Incredibly stupid eco-inventions, green parenting tips, and No Impact Week

Each week, we're sharing our favorite links from our friends at Planet Green and TreeHugger. Enjoy! Pop quiz time! Which 5 states supply 73% of the coal used in America? It's No Impact Week. Here are some reasons why you should care. ...more

Involving your families in the Eat Local Challenge

This week, the Eat Local Challenge asks participants to look at how to expand the challenge to families....more

À AIMER: Mornings at a French Café

What's so special about mornings at a French café?  Well, look at the photo.  See the guy sitting by himself reading?  What is he reading?  A novel.  Not a newspaper.  Not a magazine.  Not a computer screen.  Look around the cafe (which, by the way, is Chez Prune just off the Canal Saint-Martin).  Do you see any laptops?  Any milkshake-sized 'coffee drinks'?  Any trans-fat pastries from a nearby factory?  Non....more

Seasonal Eating: Fall Salads That Taste Like Autumn

The joy (and some times, the frustration) of eating in rhythm with the seasons is that there's so little repetition. Four times a year -- in truth, nearly each month -- the earth yields new foods for us to sample. In spring, we breathlessly await the arrival of asparagus and artichokes for salads. In summer, a salad comes without thought, throw a few tomatoes into a bowl, add a little onion and vinaigrette, it's a salad. ...more

My favorite is more

Dear Karl Lagerfeld, Kiss My Plus Size Ass!

Dear Karl,Obviously your "art" is more important to you than anything else.  How vacuous, how narcissistic, how stupid.  Perhaps you might emerge from your skinny, black wearing, ego-centric bubble?  You, with your celebrity are more responsible than the average citizen for the well-being of our daughters.  My husband & I have lain awake nights wondering when the next time our child might eat will be......SO, kiss my plus sized, blooming, ass!  Love,Patricia, mother of 3, artist, feminist, writer....more

Blog Action Day: I'm Thinking about Copenhagen. What are you thinking about?

Think ahead to December. Cast your mind to Copenhagen. This December, the United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unlike the last time there was a conference of this magnitude ( in Kyoto), the United States will take part in the deliberations and agree to abide by the resolutions. ...more

You may have missed the exact day, but remember that Oct 24 is coming up and that is the ...more

The ultimate guide to going green

Each week, we're sharing our favorite links from our friends at Planet Green and TreeHugger. Enjoy! Just what we needed: The world's first drive-through museum is coming to China. Meet the Central American spider, a rare breed of arachnid that likes to hunt...plants? ...more

Overcoming the challenge of eating locally

This week's Eat Local Challenge focus is Personal Challenges.How can we personally eat locally in a sustainable manner? What is the "low-hanging fruit" with regard to eating locally that we can easily change during this week?...more

Luckily, living here in Austin, our farmers' markets still have a lot to choose from in the ...more

Can trustworthy ground beef compete in the market?

This is a post that’s been begging to be written ever since the NY Times article came out.  In fact, I could write several posts, but I’ll restrain myself....more