Gluten Free Christmas Dessert Ideas

Tired of being the only one in the room that has to pass up sweets because it may contain wheat...or eggs...or peanuts?During this holiday season you are more likely to be tempted by all the dessert options presented to you. Lucky for you, this is the year when paleo diets are the new trend, and when more bloggers are sharing mouth-watering gluten free recipes for all to try....more

Gluten Free Chicken Enchilada Lasagna

Gluten Free Snickerdoodles

 These cookies are SO good that you would NEVER know they were gluten free. Unless of course I told you…Which I guess I just did, CRAP!!!!...more

Raw Saffron Bliss Balls

Quick Awesome Teff (Gluten Free) Breakfast or Healthy Snack Muffins

This is a great super easy and quick recipe for gluten free muffins using Teff flour (which I love as it's super filling and has lots of protein).I love love love muffins because I'm lazy and am not a natural born baker (cooking yes but baking no) so muffins are just the perfect gf carb for me since they are already portioned out, they freeze incredibly well, and they are super easy to throw into my bag for a snack or take on the road....more
Hi Steph(lie?) thanks! will check it out. I heart muffins. I'm on a binge right now. Already ...more

Thai Spiced Paleo Chicken meatballs

I am about to say it….. It is time for the C word.How ready are you for Christmas?...more

Gluten Free All Natural Granola Recipe

photo Kathy Piper Email: smilefornoreason06@gmail.comWebsite:

Chocolate Buckwheat Cake

When I decide I need to make brownies, it's usually not because I really want fudgey chocolatey sweet baked goods, though that is a side benefit., and I do enjoy eating brownies, but for me, most of the good parts happen earlier on, I just like stirring chocolate and butter, I find it very relaxing....more

A Little Book Review of Kris Carr's 'Crazy Sexy Diet'

Roughly ten years ago, Kris Carr was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She was told her condition was slow-moving but inoperable, and the best she could do was make peace with the world and enjoy what little time she had left....more