Tips to Enjoying Gluten Free Indian Food

Indian Cuisine can be one of the safest foods to enjoy with lot of Gluten Free options. Most curries are usually accompanied with either rice or flat breads (which are generally made of wheat and can be easily avoided). The curries are freshly made from scratch using vegetables and/or seafood/meat options and spices. The variations of food available under the Indian cuisine repertoire is so large that you can try a new style of curry everyday without ever getting bored....more

RED AND BLACK BEANS WITH RICE A heartfelt story goes along with this hearty dish. Happy Friday from Froment Free.Jen at

Fudgy Chocolate Banana Brownies (Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan!)

Let's talk brownies. Specifically, these Fudgy Chocolate Banana Brownies. I know, I know - two banana recipes in one week. Clearly I've living on the wild side.They're brownies, sure - but you know what they're not? Unhealthy. They're, dare I say, healthy. Good for you. Brownies that are suitable as breakfast....more

13 Whole30 Super Bowl Recipes

Hey y'all! Super Bowl 50 is upon us, and I have to tell you that I am SO excited! Not only am I a huge football fan in general, but Peyton Manning is one of my all time favorite celebrities. His career, philanthropy, and cheesy TV commercials have all been absolutely cherished by my family. The fact that this is (probably) his last season to play makes his Super Bowl appearance that much more exciting! GO PEYTON - VFL! ...more
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Hemp Heart Cookies

Hemp Heart CookiesLooking for a healthy Valentine’s Day treat…this is it!!  Gluten free, dark chocolate, hemp hearts and coconut oil.  Heart healthy!!Ingredients:...more

Keeping Up With Nicole

Tracy's back!My sister is safely back at school for her last semester of undergraduate! She's shaken, but not broken. She's working on getting her life slowly back to where it was.She and my dad flew in two weeks ago. My sister only has class two days out of the week, but she only had one day of classes that week. She and dad spent most of the week at my house doing homework and hanging out. Unfortunately, I have no time off of work and was not able to take off at all to spend extra time with them....more

A Much “Kneeded” Post

I know this blog is supposed to be about my rescued dogs and my chronic illness, but it seems like every week it gets more and more about my dogs. I guess you all can guess who runs our house. (Hint: It’s not me or Adam.)Status Update & SoccerMy knees have been doing really well. I joined a soccer team two weeks ago and I’m so happy about it. Although, I can’t remember ever using so many muscles in soccer. Two days after my first game, my abs, arms, legs, and arms all hurt in muscles I didn’t even remember I had....more

My Gluten Free Lifestyle

Gluten free cookies from Gluten Escape!...more

Gluten Free Goals

Mir loves the new bean bag chair!Our 7-foot bean bag chair is here!Our bean bag chair finally came! Adam said that we aren't allowed to call it a bean bag chair because it's actually full of little pieces of memory foam....more