Traditional Irish Recipes: Dublin Lawyer, Limerick Ham, Colcannon, Brown Scones and Irish Soda Bread

Irish Food Favorites: They're Not Just for Saint Patty's Day Anymore  The following link is to five traditional Irish recipes including Dublin Lawyer, Limerick Ham, Colcannon, Brown Scones and Irish Soda Bread. No one is quite sure how "Dublin Lawyer" got it's name. It's an old, Irish recipe that's decadent in every way and makes a great, romantic dinner. Dublin Lawyer combines butter-sauteed lobster meat with a Jameson Irish Whiskey flambe and rich, heavy cream. The recipe serves two and is served on the half-shell. ...more

More than I can Chew

You know the feeling. I know you do. It did not seem like such a huge task when I offered to do it. Besides, I had a new recipe I wanted to try. But, now, here I am, another wild weekend staring me in the face and I have to make - cookies....more

Pancake Tuesday

I love the quirky little British holidays that, unlike our American commercialised ‘greeting card holidays’, I actually look forward to. For instance, last Tuesday was Pancake Day. In honor of the start of Lent, the British make pancakes to use up all the sugar, chocolate, syrup, etc. they have in their cupboards. At least, that is the idea. The reality is that most people these days actually go out and buy their pancake making ingredients –totally missing the point and spending about £15!...more

Heart-shaped Layered Pasta Ricotta Pie

This recipe is a pain. I will confess to this right up front. It makes for a lot of dirty dishes. It seems fussy. It matters not ... it is one of my favorites. You see, this is a completely wonderful dish to serve to company or to take to a friend with a new baby. Put it in a heart-shaped springform pan, and you have a Valentine's Day to remember. ...more

This is going on my list of recipes to try ...more

Weekend Menu Planning: Something with Chocolate for Valentine's Day

When Valentine's Day comes around, most people are going to indulge in something featuring chocolate, whether they're sharing it with someone special or just enjoying a treat in honor of the day. Food bloggers are full of enticing ideas for Valentine's Day chocolate-themed sweets, so here are some suggestions you may just want to put your menu for the weekend. Chocolate Breakfast Treats ...more

Do I dare confess I've never tasted Nutella?

Kalyn Denny more

Celebrate Italian Carnevale with Gran Lasagne

It's been years since I've visited Venice, but ever since I stayed there a short while, I've wanted to return to experience Carnevale, the two-week festival of masks, costumes and revelry that leads up to the six-week Lenten fast before Easter. Venice is perhaps the showiest place in Italy for this amazing party, although Carnevale is celebrated throughout the country. ...more

I Heart this Week {Feb. 6 to Feb. 14}

This year’s Valentine’s Day will not have an exhaustive plan for several reasons. The commercial pressure of spending money takes away the “the spur of the moment” romantic feeling.Read the rest at My Life Runs on Food....more


Valentines I took Dogger back to the surgeon today and he was very happy with her progress! Yay! I also lied to his face.  He asked if I was doing her range of motion exercises on her leg and I nodded emphatically and said Yes I am!  I am doing nothing of the sort.  I tried to  but Dogger doesn't seem to really like them and I'm not sure I'm doing them right and so I don't do them. Often. I've done them three times. It seems to be working. ...more

Have An Organic Valentine's Day!

What do you do if you are a romantic and want to celebrate Valentine's Day with your special someone?  You don't want to betray your heart-felt feelings of social and environmental sustainability, yet you want to show your heart-felt feelings of personal affection.... ...more

For next years´ Valentine´s Day!

Cadbury Dairy Milk is now Fair Trade Certified in Canada ...more

The Seduction of Shrimp: Recipes for Lovers

Love it or hate it, the February calendar never-ever skips over February 14, so there's no avoiding Valentine's Day itself, even if it's easy to forgo the rush of commercialized hearts 'n' roses expectations. Reservations? Hard to come by, and the food, mass-produced and wallet-pricey. Instead, celebrate Valentine's in style, at home, with recipes that won't break the bank or stifle the mood and can easily be called "Sunday Supper" if you really, really just can't bear the idea of celebrating Valentine's. I've collected ten classic shrimp recipes, ones you just might fall for. ...more

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