Tips and Tricks for Using a Flat Iron

When it comes to styling your hair, the chances are very good that you have used a flat iron at least once. Over the years, there have been many new styles of flat irons to hit the market. Additionally, people have been finding new ways to use and style their hair with the help of flat irons to create incredible hairstyles. As you find yourself either looking into the purchase of a flat iron or having one that you are not sure how to use, there are a couple of tips and tricks that you can keep in mind in order to use your flat iron to it’s full potential. ...more

How To: Breath Meditation

Breath meditation is an essential concept of meditation because many other meditations rely on you understanding this concept first....more

How to Shred Cabbage

Cabbage is amazingly versatile and good all year round. It’s slightly sweet and extremely adaptable. Most cabbage recipes call for shredded cabbage, which leads us into today’s post on how to effectively shred a gorgeous head of cabbage. Once it’s shredded, it’s best to use as soon as possible. If you need to, you can seal tightly in the fridge and it will keep for a couple of days, but I prefer to use it right away for better flavor and texture.Sharpen your knife and let’s get to it!...more

Why You Need a Media Kit and How to Make One

You've set up your blog, picked out colors, written the About Me section, and you have started writing your blog in hopes of taking your writing from a simple hobby to something more. But bloggers often overlook one of the most important pages you will write, your media kit. This basic page is the first thing you will want to show off, send out to sponsors, and include in your professional emails. It is your resume and the first thing sponsors look for when they are trying to discover your brand. ...more
BlogHer Time to set up my media kit page!more

How To Be A Productive WAHM

No, I am not currently a work-at-home-mom, but I am a mom and a business owner so I believe I'm qualified to offer you some advice. As an entrepreneur for over ten years I have found these various tips help me remain productive and have ultimately made me successful. Check them out!...more

Beginners Guide: How To Give A Tit Job

When it comes to sexual acts, tit jobs are often one of the things I’m asked about on a regular basis. In practice it’s a relatively easy thing to pull off, though it can admittedly be a little uncomfortable, awkward, distracting, oddly funny, and weird at first… especially if you’ve never done it before or aren’t that comfortable with trying new things....more

5 Tips for Potty Training ANY Kid

Potty training a toddler is hard. Potty training a toddler on the spectrum is damn near impossible! It took two days to potty train our neuro-typical daughter, four years to potty train our low-functioning 9-year-old son, and we're going on one and a half years with our moderate-functioning son, Max. ...more
JennyBarton Our daughter literally took 2 days. We thought we had it made! Then our autie boys ...more

Simple Contouring for Everyday Wear!

 Kat Higgins...more

How to Chop an Onion

With fall right around the corner, we'll all be making lots of soups, stews and casseroles. Most will have a chopped onion or two sautéed in olive oil or butter to start flavoring the dish right. I figured what better time than to brush up on our onion chopping skills.  I have VERY sensitive eyes and the quicker I can get the onion chopping done the better....more