Recession Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken is an easy and inexpensive meal perfect for any weeknight dinner. Its versatile nature allows you to spice up your chicken any way you like. And as you might have seen last night on Top Chef, Roast Chicken isn't only for us paupers. ...more

Divine Disposables

During the past 25 years, Janyce Granoff has made it herbusiness to track the growing choices in artfully designed disposabletableware. As a merchandiser in the disposable catering supplies and weddingproducts industry, she has always had a special place in her heart forbrides-to-be. But two years ago, the executive was galvanized into action ontheir behalf after reading a column in a bridal magazine.   ...more

Aloe Vera - No Wonder They Call It The Miracle Plant

Aloe Vera is a member of the Lily family. It is a succulent that looks a lot like a cactus and is known by various names such as the burnt plant, the miracle plant, the natural healer and the medicine plant. Although there are more than two hundred species of Aloe Vera, only a few have medicinal properties, and of these Aloe Vera Barbadensis is the most beneficial. ...more

Fruits and Beauty

Fruits are highly nourishing for skin especially since its rich in Vitamin Cs and healthy (well maybe with the exception of durians). That's why I always try to drink fruit juices instead of caffeine products like coffee and tea! Different fruits contain different nutrition levels and are hence more adept at serving different purposes. For optimal beauty results, choose the one that serves yours! In the following, I've listed ingredients needed to make each type of fruit juice. Just remove their skins, cube them and put them into the juicer! ...more

How to Make Vegetable, Meat, Chicken, or Fish Stock and Five Reasons You Should Be Doing It

Most people who love to cook are pretty committed to making their own stock or broth, and I've been making homemade stock as long as I can remember. Now mind you, I'm not one of those cooking snobs who turns their nose up at the mere mention of canned broth, but I do love being able to pull a container out of the freezer whenever I need vegetable, chicken, beef, turkey, ham, or fish stock. Still, even though I'm sold on the joys of homemade stock, I'm guessing some of you might wonder why making homemade stock is so great, so let's start with the five reasons you should be making your own stock. ...more

I vaguely remember hearing about the calcium, but I had forgetten it. Hadn't heard the tip about ...more

Do You Go To Bed With WET HAIR???

DON'T!!!Yes, I know it saves you time in the morning. Damp hair keeps you cool at night in case your body runs hot while sleeping. Well, at least I'm not drying out my hair with a hair dryer.These are all reasonable time saving strategies.Let me give you some reasons not to go to bed with damp/wet hair.1. Hair when wet is structurally weaker, is elastic and can be stretched further than when dry. ...more

Pairing Mimolette cheese and Domaine du Chateau Larroque 2004 , Bellinis and grapes

Pairing a French Mimolette cheese with Domaine du Chateau Larroque 2004 red wine   ...more

I Really Should Be Writing

I really should be writing but here I am in the kitchen whipping up an awesome meal.  Enjoy the pics and the ingredients. ...more

So You Want to Publish a Cookbook?


Fun Fact Friday - BACON, BACON, BAAAACON!!!!

Today's fun fact is about one of my favorite foods, bacon. Did you know that bacon is one of the oldest meats in history? That's right! The Chinese were preserving and salting pork bellies around 1500 B.C. Bacon is awesome and I wasn't all that surprised to find out it's been around for such a long time. Given the chance I could easily eat multiple strips of bacon at every meal. That is, if it didn't result in me weighing 1,000 lbs and having a heart attack by the age of 35. ...more