Pretty Clever {No. 13}

Pretty Clever {No....more

How to Conquer a Pomegranate

One of the fruit stars of the winter season is the pomegranate, which yields dozens of jewel-toned seeds that provide a delicious and healthy burst of flavor to a wide range of dishes. It’s the perfect, healthy antidote to the cold days of winter. But pomegranates can be a bit tricky to deal with—their bright red juice stains what it touches, and they require a bit of care to open them and extract their edible seeds. Here are some tips on how to deal with this seasonal delight—don’t miss them while they’re available!...more
@cdnkaro I'm so glad our timing was excellent! Good luck getting out those delicious seeds. :-) more

Tricks of the Trade - How you can Draw Folks Well

Bleach 479. Once you want folks to become eager to become a part of your conversation, never just inquire query after question. For every question you inquire, either have a sincere interest to hear a lot more regarding the solution or display a sincere interest to hear elaboration on the solution....more

Volunteer Crewing 101

What are the three unavoidable expenses of travel?1) Transportation2) Accommodation3) FoodNow what if, in order to not pay the first two, you were forced to spend your days in tropical splendor visiting the remote places completely inaccessible to common travelers?  Places that see, maybe, 100 'outsiders' in a year?  These are simply not places you can get to any other way but on a small sailing yacht. You don’t have to use your own boat though, you can crew for other people....more
@victorias_view Definitely! We've only sailed with people we've met a few times, and we always ...more

Nablopomo RSS Feed Nuances

I've been having a Dickens of a time...  (I just love that phrase!  Pardon me while I digress:  The phrase always conjures up an image for me of a little match girl wandering the streets of a cold harsh reality in a Victorian novel by Charles Dickens  --  in this case imagine a little match girl wearing an insubstancial "BlogHer Blue" cape and a tattered hat of the same color that she has adorned with a Nablopomo imprinted ribbon.  She is wandering in and out of tabs and pages posts looking for something she knows it somewhere close by but which she ca...more

How To Fall In Love (And Be A Woman)

Sometimes when you're in a relationship for a long time and everything's hunky dory you forget that when a relationship ends how earth shattering it can be for you or anyone else.Until someone you care about gets thrown into the vicious whirlpool of breaking up and recovering and all your forgotten pain comes to the fore because you know how tough they're having it right now. I meant to write this a while back (but you know how I can procrastinate!) - So, M, Eno and U this is for you (whenever you think the world's crashing around you):...more

How To Make Homemade Coconut Milk

You don't have to have a coconut tree growing in your backyard to make homemade coconut milk.How To make Homemade Coconut Milk  Arlene...more

Photo Tips for Non-Professionals: How To Avoid Blurry Pictures

Modern digital cameras equipped with automatic settings make it easy to take beautiful pictures of your family. Still there are some tips to remember to avoid pretty common photo defects that can not be fixed with photo retouching. We'll cover them one by one and give you very simple practical tips to avoid these mishaps. Our first topic is picture blurriness. ...more
Ha, I'll try both ideas below and see what works best for me! :)more

My BlogHer '10 Business Cards, and What You Should Think About When Designing Yours

[Editor's Note: While this post references BlogHer '10, the advice about creating effective business cards is still top notch. I thought for those of you preparing for BlogHer '11 this post could serve as a great support to your experience. Thus, no worries - it is STILL 2011 and BlogHer '11 is in San Diego regardless of what references are made within the post. Enjoy! -PaulaG] ...more
I live in beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida.  I am a Training Instructor in Employee ...more

My Picks for the Best Extreme Couponing Resources

I was away from my keyboard an awful lot last week, due to a family emergency. This meant that when I did have time to sit down at my computer, I did not have time to read every feed in my feedreader. Since extreme couponing wasn't high on my "to do list," I marked my coupon blogs as read and carried on -- except by doing that, I felt really out of the loop and realized that I missed reading those posts. So, I stopped and thought about which blogs would be the most fun -- and the most useful to me. I marked those that didn't make my little spur-of-the-moment list as read and carried on. ...more
Crisis lead us to develop some attitudes which will serve as our tool to be competetive in the ...more