How To Make Mascarpone Cheese, Only 3 Ingredients

 Last night I attended a Seattle Free School class about making your own mascarpone cheese, and then how to make tiramisu with the cheese. And let me tell you, homemade mascarpone is much better than the stuff in the store. Not to mention much easier and inexpensive. Seriously, it’ll knock your socks off at how easy it is to make. The recipe below is the one I got last night at the class. Photo by Maciej Lebkowski. Mascarpone1 quart cream1 quart half-and-half1/8-1/4 teaspoon tartaric acid (not cream of tartar)Continue Reading Here......more
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What's Cookin??

 I love to cook and always have! I cook at least twice everyday from scratch I tell you!! I am a Taste of Home magazine Field Editor and love it!! Taste of Home is a great magazine for home cooks. The pictures you see here are not by professionals because I am not a professional anything. My husband Sean takes all of my pictures. Without him you would have a pictureless blog. I love to cook and that is the reason for this blog....more

[ReDeemed] Tablescape Thursday #1

I admit.  I've been lurking in the shadows.  I've been admiring your tables from afar.  I've been sad that I could not pull up a chair and join you. ...more

Parsnips Gone Wild

No, these parsnips have not gone to Carlos ‘n Charlies in Cancun to hang upside down from the rafters and have tequila shooters sprayed into their mouths.  (Didn’t you do that on Spring Break?) These parsnips, instead of growing a thick, single root, like what a carrot might look like on steroids, grew a smaller main root with multiple tentacles splaying out from the tops.  Berry Patch Farms, poking fun at their variation from the standard parsnip, labeled them “Octosnips (Parsnips Gone Wild.)”...more

You said the magic words "sweet french fries"... I'd try this.

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Tacos...Tacos...Sloppy Joes?!

Ohhh, how I've been craving tacos! Not, of course, the greasy tacos one would normally see adorning the table, but "my take" on tacos - even the most unhealthy of foods can be made nutritious, of course! And tonight would be taco night....or would it be?! Check out my blog, below, for a delicious spicy garden sloppy-joe recipe!...more

How to feed a Cowboy's fan on playoff night.

Recap: My New Year's Resolution is to take one photo everyday & document the happenings in our life during the year 2010. For more pictures check out

Unforgettable Salsa


Sassymonkey - yes - it is great to make in winter.  I am looking for a good fresh salsa ...more

Golden Beets. Better Than Cabbage.

After tasting my first roasted golden beet, I began plumbing the depths of my brain to determine when it had been programmed that beets taste bad.  TV?  Movies?  My parents?  Is it instinct?  Maybe a hypothalamic beet reflex, so that when the word ‘beet’ is heard an automatic ‘YUCK!’ is released in return?  ...more


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Those pickles do look tasty! And pretty too, I will give those a ...more

Review: “Julie & Julia”