Matzoh Pies and The Latest In New Israeli Food

Matzoh Pies… yes, I did say Matzoh Pies. Yesterday’s kugel is today’s pie according to well, me and probably Janna Gur author of “The Book of New Israeli Food” and the chef behind this immaculate Passover masterpiece. It is possible that I tend to appreciate food more than others but I was taken aback by the beauty of this Mina del Pesach (Passover Matzoh Pie). Though this Passover Matzoh Pie is a variation of a Shepard’s Pie, it obviously took time to mold each piece of Matzoh to appear as if it were an actual pie. A work of genius, I’m telling you! ...more

The Verdict on Meat: Less Cowbell

Findings from a study published last week in the Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that regularly eating red meat increases the odds of premature death.  Pork, too, was lumped into the red meat category, unfortunately for me. ...more

Sally K: Exactly.  One of these days, they're going to do a study that proves conclusively that ...more

Bulking Up - Is Fiber The Superhero Of Nutrition?

Fiber is the word we hear everyday, a word that was never once spoken aloud in my family until recently.  Dietary fiber is considered one of the most important ways to maintain good health. Fiber discussions are everywhere and that leads to fiber guilt. Now when friends get together, we’ ll often check the fiber content of the muffins before choosing one.   (We don’t always choose the one with the most fiber, but we feel obligated to check.) ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Ding, from Bitch Ph.D.

We know, we know, already: We need to cut down on fat and empty calories, exercise regularly, and reduce portion size. For our health, we need to proactively manage our weight and our lifestyle. There are no shortcuts! But give us just a hint of an easy answer and we’ll take it—give us some low-calorie sweeteners, diet soda, the cellulite removal creams. Tell us the bare minimum of crunches we must do, or an easier, modified version that will at least help reduce our gut, and that our strolls in the grocery store can count as a day’s allotment of exercise. ...more

I only write difficult because it's hard to change the status quo even if it's killing us. I ...more

The story of the Tomatillo and the Pepian Sauce

For Photos and full recipe  visit ...more

Sis update

Please check out my blog and the update on my sister.  We were afraid she had a heart attack at the very young age of 49 ... It has been a scary few days.  Read several entries of my blog to follow the progression of her.  ...more

i would like some help finding really good dinners but not breaking the bank account.

i am trying my best to lose the weight i gained while i was pregnant. my baby is now over a year old and i still have a lot of the weight from her. i am having a hard time sticking to a diet due to not finding the right recipes that are good and everyone likes in the family. if you have any good and healthy recipes that you and your family have tried could you please pass them my way so i can start feeding me and my family healthier. Thank you so much. ...more

Hey.. from my experience, the best way to lose unwanted weight is to dine at home atleast 4 ...more

Duncan Weekend

A wonderful weekend I had with my new (old) girlfriends. We had an awesome time eating mostly with a lot of delicious wine, chatter and laughter. Come and check out the multitude of pics I have uploaded.  ...more

Healthy Eating Tricks

What do you do to eat healthy when you're pressed for time? Me?  I'm guilty of getting into food ruts-- cooking and eating the same go-to items for days or weeks on end.   It used to be baby carrots and hummus, then wilted spinach with salsa, then veggie burgers, and now I'm on to steamed or sauteed veggies, particularly broccoli and carrots.  While it may sound really boring (and believe me, it can be!), I try to make veggies the base of my meals, and change up the dishes to keep myself entertained. ...more

Recession Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken is an easy and inexpensive meal perfect for any weeknight dinner. Its versatile nature allows you to spice up your chicken any way you like. And as you might have seen last night on Top Chef, Roast Chicken isn't only for us paupers. ...more