Newbie blogger talks about 400 hits in a few weeks. What's your secret to increasing traffic?

 Can you visit my newbie blog? I need comments from experts such as yourselves. I'm trying to write excellent content....more

8 Quick Tips For Staying Fit During The Winter Months

If you’re like me, then getting to the gym can be a real chore. Especially now that I’m blogging, I have come up with nearly every excuse in the book to avoid the gym. “I haven’t written a blog in a couple of days, so I want to write this morning. I have no time for the gym today!” Now I’m in pretty decent shape. I won’t lie. I’ve been active my entire life, from ballet as a little girl through to late teens, and then fitness after that.  Being fit and eating healthy have always been a part of my life....more

Baby Steps #1

Once Upon A Time...Like many of us, I was a member of the life changing cult that is Weight Watchers.  I lost over 50 pounds.  When I was on plan, I felt... well, not so much great, but I knew what it felt like to not ache constantly.  I needed new clothes.  I got a great bonding experience with my mother (and the rest of my family, when we went out afterwords) when she and I went together.  It was kind of cool.  Wait, scratch that.  It was really cool.  But, for some reason, we both fell out of it.  ...more

I meant "saving" money.  Not "having" money.  Whoops.


Eating Healthy With A Busy Schedule

So we’re all busy right? Running to and from places. To Starbucks, to the office, to visit an elderly grandparent, to the gym, to an extra-curricular activity, a meeting. Running running running. And yet, I always roll my eyes at those skinny girls who say, “I just don’t have time to eat!” Yah, WHATEVER! Rome could be burning, and there I am, chompin’ away. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of meals I’ve missed in my ENTIRE lifetime. If you ask my husband, he’ll attest to it! No joke. I NEVER miss a meal. ...more

Cheeburger, Cheeburger! NOT!

My first attempt to make a veggie burger turned into mush. But it did taste good.  So try to get past what it looks like and focus on the ingredients.   In the processor went:  1/2 can black beans, onion, carrots, salt, pepper, garlic salt and breadcrumbs. ...more

One black bean burger I made a couple of years ago was such a horrible disaster that I do ...more

High Protein Scramble (for B-L-D)


Canning Sweet Yellow Peppers

This is my grandma's recipe for Sweet Yellow Peppers - They turn out perfectly, and my husband could eat an entire jar. In fact, when we did our first batch last week, we opened a jar at 10pm and ended up finishing it. You can also make these Man Pleasin' Appetizers with them. ...more

Can you say Kombuchi?

Can you say Kombuchi? Couscous, hummus, fermentation, natural probiotics and words like gut flora are swirling around my head. I imagine how I am going to explain tossing a seaweed leaf or two into my next pot of stew. ...more

What if I can’t always get the gym?

There are so many excuses we can come up with in life to not get the exercise our bodies need.  Many of them are very good too!  The key to having a healthy body is finding a routine that works for us.  I used to teach 4 hours of aerobics a day.  I went from gym to gym teaching step aerobics, kick box, tai bo, strength training… you name it.  The question is “Who has that kind of time?”  I really don’t anymore.  Fitness has been a way of life for me for 20 years.  The truth is that I haven’t missed a ...more


Totally agree with what you wrote about the endorphins keeping you sane for ...more