What if I can’t always get the gym?

There are so many excuses we can come up with in life to not get the exercise our bodies need.  Many of them are very good too!  The key to having a healthy body is finding a routine that works for us.  I used to teach 4 hours of aerobics a day.  I went from gym to gym teaching step aerobics, kick box, tai bo, strength training… you name it.  The question is “Who has that kind of time?”  I really don’t anymore.  Fitness has been a way of life for me for 20 years.  The truth is that I haven’t missed a ...more


Totally agree with what you wrote about the endorphins keeping you sane for ...more

Products of the Week - Organic Sweeteners

This week I heard yet another report about the dangers of sugar.  We all know sugar's link to diabetes and that the cases of both juvenile and adult diabetes are on the rise.  This increase is triggering alarm in the health community, particularly in the pediatric practice.  However, this report emphasizes (again) sugar's link to heart disease.  Ladies, you should know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in women.  You should also know ...more

I am an Addict- Day 1

I have not yet decided if I will blog everyday for 90 days, although I probably should.. I think it would be helpful to keep myself on track, and hopefully benefit others.  However with my brand new 90 day sugar free commitment I take today to commit to that and only that. ...more

Are You A Smart Snacker?

What's the best just-for-one snack? Ask any time-starved, health conscious mom and she'll tell you, Cheerios. Just put two handfuls of the little loops into a zip lock bag and presto, you have an instant treat. Taking a cue from resourceful moms who needed convenient and portable bites, marketers started making smarter packaging and alas, 2007 was the year of the 100 calorie snack pack. ...more

Three Things to do with a Mediocre Melon

Are you like me with your lack of melon-picking luck?  I smell them to make sure they smell as much like a sweet version of themselves as possible.  Yup, and I poke the blossom end to make sure it has a nice give.  I heft them to evaluate whether they're heavy for their weight.  I've even laid down in the middle of the garden to place my ear on a watermelon so I could squeeze it to listen for an alleged tell-tale cracking that means it's ripe. ...more

Can An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Help You Reduce Pain and Live Longer?

Eating healthy and trying to maintain a healthy weight are important for our overall well being. But there is now growing evidence that eating anti-inflammatory foods can reduce symptoms of chronic illness and even prevent heart disease. ...more


This posting is obviously near and dear to my heart as Catapult Fitness is ...more

Flat Stomach Recipes - Spinach Salad

Eating the right foods is an important part of getting a flat stomach on any flat stomach diet. Here is one of my favorite flat stomach recipes - Spinach Salad. You can mix and match it with so many things!! What's your favorite healthy meal? ...more

Fresh garbanzos: An unusual treat

I’m just going to go ahead and lay my lack of deep thinking right out before you. Garbanzos or chickpeas? Before last year, I never thought of how they got from plant to can. I just assumed the choices were organic or not, store-brand or Goya or whatever else was available on the shelf. Then I discovered a bulk aisle with dried chickpeas, which became a revelation. Soak them and cook them up, and they taste so much better than the canned kind. As easy? No, but still…an improvement over what I’d assumed was the status quo. ...more

Lara, I considered making hummus with mine -- I am a verified hummus freak, after all -- but ...more

Zucchini, chickpea and cherry tomato salad

On my right index finger, there’s a small, round scar. It’s hard to see unless you’re looking for it, but I know it’s there, and when I run my thumb over it, I can feel a lump of scar tissue underneath it. That scar? It’s the Mark of the Mandoline, brought to my by a moment of bad judgment involving baby zucchini. Baby zucchini should not be scary. They are lovely, fresh vegetables, after all, and you can even eat the skin. They taste better than the baseball bats that they would become later, were they left on the plant too long. ...more

Gerry, I totally hear you! If I didn't have the glove, I would totally have continued ...more