Considering Cabbage

Coleslaw and Cabbage Patch Kids were my only experience with cabbage as a kid.  Except I didn’t actually eat the coleslaw (or the Cabbage Patch Kids), I just pushed it around on my plate.  Unless it was on top of a barbecued pork sandwich (vinegar style, of course) from Kepleys in High Point, North Carolina, my parents’ barbecue joint of choice since it opened in the 50s.  But their slaw was chopped up so fine, if there was an offensive vegetable in there, I didn’t know it.  And I certainly didn’t know that it was made out of cabbage.   It was some mysterious vegetable named “cole.”  ...more

Monday Dose of Market: Spicing it Up!

Chef Jay Strom of From Beginning to End Foods, is one of the newest vendors to begin attending the Denver Indoor Farmers’ Market.  He had an impressive variety of freshly ground gourmet spices, spice blends, dips and sauces.  This got my creative juices flowing….so many flavor combinations, so little time. ...more

Garden Catalogs: Getting Behind the Birds, and Now the Bees

Rhonda Fleming Hayes Hopefully by now you've amassed a good-sized pile of well-thumbed garden catalogs, already marked with sticky tabs and yellow highlighter, or at least a few turned-down pages. I'm still hoping to spend some more quality time with mine and a mug of hot chocolate. Or maybe you're glued to the computer screen dazzled by the bright colors and earnest promises of the seed... Read the rest at  ...more

What's Cookin??

 I love to cook and always have! I cook at least twice everyday from scratch I tell you!! I am a Taste of Home magazine Field Editor and love it!! Taste of Home is a great magazine for home cooks. The pictures you see here are not by professionals because I am not a professional anything. My husband Sean takes all of my pictures. Without him you would have a pictureless blog. I love to cook and that is the reason for this blog....more

Parsnips Gone Wild

No, these parsnips have not gone to Carlos ‘n Charlies in Cancun to hang upside down from the rafters and have tequila shooters sprayed into their mouths.  (Didn’t you do that on Spring Break?) These parsnips, instead of growing a thick, single root, like what a carrot might look like on steroids, grew a smaller main root with multiple tentacles splaying out from the tops.  Berry Patch Farms, poking fun at their variation from the standard parsnip, labeled them “Octosnips (Parsnips Gone Wild.)”...more

You said the magic words "sweet french fries"... I'd try this.

~Denise BlogHer ...more

I'm back

I wear a lot of hats like most of the women I know. But when my son was born last year my first time mom hat took over and blogging took a back seat. I feared spending too much time online because of the possibility of missing those beautiful moments off.  But after some time, I began to miss it.  I missed weighing in on the issues that are important to me and those that are simply matters of frivolity. And really, I came to see being a mom as manageable and not the  big scary world everyone had been warning me it was....more

Monday Dose of Market: New Vendors at the Denver Indoor Farmers Market

As promised by co-founder of Denver Urban Homesteading, James Bertini,  new vendors have continued to sprout at the Denver Indoor Farmers Market held Saturdays from 9:00 to 2:00 at 200 Santa Fe.  “We will have new fooders joining us next month/next year/in a few weeks, and one of our goals is to make the market a one-stop shopping place.”   Here are a few pics of what you can expect to find from some of the newest folks.  ...more

Beverages to Spike Your Blood Sugar

Roxanne Sukol MD "Your Health is on Your Plate" drsukol.teachmed.comI decided to visit the “beverage center” at our local Walmart to see what's in stock.  I especially wanted to look at the names of some of these beverages.  My hypothesis, borne out of experiences with margarine and breakfast cereals, is that the more manufactured the product type, the more creative the brand names.  ...more

Golden Beets. Better Than Cabbage.

After tasting my first roasted golden beet, I began plumbing the depths of my brain to determine when it had been programmed that beets taste bad.  TV?  Movies?  My parents?  Is it instinct?  Maybe a hypothalamic beet reflex, so that when the word ‘beet’ is heard an automatic ‘YUCK!’ is released in return?  ...more


nina corbett www.putsup.comJanuary 5, 2010...more

Those pickles do look tasty! And pretty too, I will give those a ...more