Sustainable eats and photo-activism: Andrea Bakacs' eco-inspirational food pics

Can good photography change the way we eat? That's the idea behind photo activist Andrea Bakacs' work -- and it's gently shifting the way I think about food. ...more
what i know before that beautiful food photography influence us to eat those foods, but I ...more

Taking stock of the Eat Local Challenge

Although there are already five days under October’s belt, it’s not too late to consider taking part, in small or large ways, in this month’s Eat Local Challenge....more

Unplanned Cooking, I often hear that some locally-made products are more expensive (and, ...more

Blue Duck Tavern, Washington, D.C.

It may seem like a post about a restaurant in Washington, D.C., where I haven't lived for over a year, comes from out of the blue (ha ha!). But I read at Obama Foodorama that the Obamas recently went to Blue Duck Tavern to celebrate their wedding anniversary and it brought back memories of Mike and me dining there. During our last week in the States we wanted to treat ourselves to some of the finer points of American life....more

Gingersnaps, Fall and my grain mill

Living in Florida we always have to wait a couple extra months for Fall!  A bummer for me since it is my FAVORITE season, but I don't let that stop me.  I've already started baking more, because Fall always invokes those feelings in me.    ...more

Monday...a new beginning

Like I said last week I was looking forward to do over monday once again.  It is here and I have to say I am really glad that it finally is.  I loved all of your comments and especially Hanlie's advice on not waiting until monday to get started.  Although I did not jump right back on at the moment I did start researching and really thinking about what I was going to do.  Since my last post ...more

Tell Your Senators How Much You Love the Climate (And Win Some Awesome Prizes Too!)

Live Earth has just launched an awareness campaign, Love, The Climate,  to engage the public in environmental activism and contact their senators about supporting the Climate Bill.  ...more

Convinced by you. Joined up.

Virginia DeBolt


The best way to can peaches

The best way to can peaches is with a friend.Every year my friend Kate and I get together to can peaches and then wonderful applesauce later in the Fall.   And in the case of canning, two is definitely better than one.  We have so much fun together that it hardly even seems like work. Today we were canning Harmony Peaches: ...more

My Childhood Vegetable Nemesis

I haven’t eaten a brussels sprout since 1983. Well, maybe 1985.  Ok, definitely 1989 – the year I went off to college, far away from dinner table stand-offs and my childhood vegetable nemesis.  Since college, I have done some culinary exploration.  I added sea urchin and gefilte fish to my repertoire.  Neither would make my top ten favorite foods. But both would be listed above brussels sprouts.  Of course, I married a man who loves brussels sprouts.  Didn’t know this when I married him.  I did know that he didn’t like sea urchin because I ordered it at a sushi restaurant on a date to see what he’d do. “I’ve never wanted to spit something out, but not been able to, more in my life” he admitted, after we were married.  ...more

Sassymonkey - Hmmm. Turnips.  I'm waiting a few more months, when the number of local ...more

Canning Sweet Yellow Peppers

This is my grandma's recipe for Sweet Yellow Peppers - They turn out perfectly, and my husband could eat an entire jar. In fact, when we did our first batch last week, we opened a jar at 10pm and ended up finishing it. You can also make these Man Pleasin' Appetizers with them. ...more