A boy not meant for vegetables

When faced with vegetables, my son has come up with a go-to phrase:"I'm just not meant to eat vegetables, Mommy."...more

Do You Eat Dinner Together as a Family?

Eating Dinner Together as a FamilyOn December 17, 2013, in Crazy Stuff, ...more

So My Kid's A Picky Eater . Get Over It.

 Ever since my girls have been babies, they've both been supremely picky eaters.As in "will pretty much only eat foods that are white or beige or orange" kind of picky eaters....more

Me vs. My Toddler: Food Wars in the Jones House and What I Did Wrong

You know what is awesome?Baby food.Baby food is easy, peasy, rice and cheesey, or at least it was with my little E. Sit him in the high chair, shovel in some organic puree and ten minutes later we're off to play!Then we started solid food. Ohh, boy....more

Coping With Picky Eaters

During our summer vacation this year as we visited friends and family around the country, the topic of picky eaters was constantly at the top of concern and frustration for several parents. Some commented that their child had only 6 items on the ‘approved list’ (but of course candy and sweets had their own category) and other parents recalled when their child ate the same item for all three daily meals which lasted for several months. At least in her case, the little boy chose oatmeal so it was a healthy item she could live with until he decided to add more variety....more

But It Tastes Yucky!


Meatloaf Monday and Mommy Madness...

Meatloaf Mondays and Mommy Madness….Last week I ate meat loaf for the first time, ever…and I loved it!  I only have myself to blame for never trying it.  Now every Monday will be Meatloaf Monday at our house.  I’m serious.  Atleast for the foreseeable future…lol....more

Dealing with Picky Eaters

When your little one has you dreading dinnertime due to her picky nature, take solace in the fact that kids aged 2 to 4 are hard wired to question what they put in their mouth—it’s a normal part of development....more

Calling All Free Personal Chefs!

Meals at our house are interesting affairs.  Henry eats more than your average 11-year-old person.  I’m convinced of this fact, even though he is the first pre-teen boy I’ve ever fed.  From the moment he gets up in the morning until the moment his head hits the pillow at night, Henry is either eating or starving.  There doesn’t seem to be any in-between emotions. ...more

The Sticker Solution to a Sticky Situation

Most people remember sitting at the dinner table as a child and working around their dinner plate, making sure to get every last piece of the good stuff, yet conveniently ignoring all of the vegetables. With crossed fingers, they hope their parents won’t notice and they would get by without having to touch the colored foods, but that never seems to work. Go figure!...more