My Journey into Indian Cooking

I recently became obsessed with learning how to cook quick, healthy, Indian food that tastes good....more

The Party

Kat Spitzer The Happy Hypochondriac

Carrying Our Own Containers: Powerful Action or Pointless Inconvenience?

“Do you ever get embarrassed?” A journalist following my plastic-free life put that question to me as I handed the butcher my stainless steel pot. I was buying ground meat for my homemade cat food. In my own container. Waste-free. “No,” I answered flippantly. “I haven’t been embarrassed about anything since I turned 40.” But the answer wasn’t quite that simple. I do realize that my actions can seem extreme to many… okay most… people. And it’s not always easy to buck the status quo. ...more

Hi Diana.  I love that you go back out to your car to get your bags when you forget ...more

Flossing Issues Today’s run was 10.08 miles.  I could have done without that extra .08 because it was an uncomfortable and arduous run.  ...more

Following your dream...

No matter where it takes you is always the best way to go!  We grow every day now with confidence and satisfaction that we are finally exactly where we are suppose to be in our lives. Kimberly Peterson Freelance Writer, Photographer, Entrepreneur & Jack of All Trades Visit our website at or our blog at Liv...more

A Trip to Hunter Mountain Hunter Mountain Arrival: No Snowboard yet.  The desk at the Kaatskill Mountain Club Resort...more

A Conversation in Ruby Tuesdays

Well yesterday when the power went out, we went to Ruby Tuesdays so we could A. watch the end of the football game, B. Get something to eat without maiming myself by cooking in the dark and C. go to the bathroom (since I couldn't find a flashlight, my bathrooms have no windows and are therefore completely dark without electricity and the kids are scared of the dark. ) Anyway, while there we ran into my cousin Tony....more

My Munchkins Munchkins

Dancing Cheek To Cheek

Jen @ I have always love going out to dinner. It doesn’t matter where we could be Friendlys’ (my favorite) or Friday’s…I just like the actual ACT of going out. Sometimes, when I watch old movies or TV shows I find myself longing to be transported back in time to the days of Ricki Ricardo’s Club Babalu where you were entertained by a band while you ate, and with dessert came dancing. Do places like this still exist? ...more

Trellis Restaurant in Kirkland, WA

My love affair with food started a long time ago with my Grandmother's breakfast of bagels and cream cheese. I know, this doesn't sound like a gourmet delicacy, but when you're five-years-old, nothing tastes better than your Grandma's cooking. ...more