Va Va Voom

The sexy but sweet style of the 1960's is back in full effect, thanks to the hit television show "Mad Men". From swinging full skirts to hip-hugging pencil skirts, this retro fashion trend is here to stay. Christina-LaurenInspirations & CELEBRATIONS ...more

Retro Swimwear Means Coverage Minus The Frump

It's not too late to get a swimsuit.  If you've avoided bikinis like the plague and the skirted suits with all over control banding, optical illusion striping and hologram panelling with optional fairy dust, are just not for you, then it's time for a retro suit.  The pin ups of the 50s were much closer to the average sized lady.  Think Mad Men's Christina Hendricks.  Hence retro suits flatter a wider range of sizes...more
I love number 2 and 5! They both look perfect for hiding the muffin top and looking sweet ...more

Papercraft Celebrates Retro Photo Cameras

hese 100% recyclable retro cameras are for keeps. Each device is cut by hand utilizing sustainable paper, and even the smallest “waste” scraps are re-used to form some of the smallest detailed components....more

The Top Five Toys That Helped Shape My Life

Recently, I was looking on line for a clip of the old "Mr. Microphone" commercial.  You know the one where the guy is in the car and says, "Hey Good Lookin', we'll be back to pick ya' up later!"? Well in doing so, I came across a few retro commercials for toys, and I stayed there for what seemed like hours.  I was fascinated.There were a few that I thought, "Oh I had those!".  And then there were a few that I thought, "Wow!  How did that not kill/poison/maim someone?"...more

TrendMafia Designermarkt, Berlin

Setting up...more

Vintage Fashion Fairs - UK see, touch, smell vintage fashion So many of us buy online these days, it’s so easy and even cheap to have things shipped right to your door and all in the comfort of your own home. I do this myself alot and heck my own shop is based online so I am feeding into the online buying mania myself but when buying vintage there is nothing better then seeing pieces in person. Touching, smelling, taking in the true age of each and every bit of the item that you simply miss when looking at a picture on your screen....more

Hello World!

Miss Bea wants….to talk about vintage Bird in Birdcage Heart 'Miss Bea wants' Earrings Vintage – adjective Representing the high quality of a past time Old fashioned, obsolete...more

Why Not Be A Retro Housewife?

Below, you will find the May 1955 issue of Housekeeping Monthly published this list of how to be a good housewife. Today,  some of us may look at this list and laugh, but I think we can learn a lot from it. Is it such a bad thing to try to make ourselves and our homes a bit more presentable before our husbands walk in the door at the end of a long day?...more

Wait, When Did I Become Retro?

This week has been Spirit Week at my kids' school, and each day they've had something fun to look forward to participating in. Today is Retro Day, and I woke up this morning in a panic. My daughter had already decided she was going as a hippie. But my son, yeah, NO idea....more

I'm soooo with you on this one. I can barely stand going to the mall anymore because I break ...more

Flaming Cabbage

This retro appetizer idea is a bit wild, and I imagine, smelly...err I mean "an exciting, spectacular feature". Clean and hollow a cabbage and throw some sterno in it. Put it on a plate and decorate with parsley. Then...have your guests roast their cocktail sausages over it. (putting an olive on each toothpick so they don't burn their fingers. Good times everyone....more