Sprouts. Fast Food Vegetables.

“From seed to salad in only one week,” says Good Sprout News about vegetable sprouts.  Sprouts are nature’s fast food!  And, “they can be locally grown and available in all four seasons.” ...more

Stylekk offers stylish shalwar kameez that are bound to catch everyone’s eyes

 STYLEKK is a prominent Pakistani fashion designed by Kiran Kanwal today launched her exclusive winter 2010 Collection, the premium casual, formal and bridal wear apparels for women of all ages and sizes. Inspired by global trends and local aesthetics, Stylekk offers stylish shalwar kameez that are bound to catch everyone’s eyes....more

Monday Dose of Market: Vendors at the Denver Indoor Farmers Market

Last week, I was so taken in with the baby chicks for sale at Denver Urban Homesteading’s Indoor Farmers’ Market, that I didn’t post pictures of other vendors from the market.  There is a surprising amount of variety for February!  While fresh veggies are in short supply, vendors like Ginger’s Gourmet had the good sense to put up concoctions like zucchini relish last summer....more

Purple Top Turnips. Not Just Animal Fodder.

It took me awhile to find purple top turnip inspiration.  I sat, pen in hand, blank paper in front of me, and……nothing.  I tried saying “TURNIP” out loud, hoping that might awaken some hidden enthusiasm.  Googling for purple top turnips reveals that most of the turnips in the world are grown as forage for cattle.  Turnips for human consumption are widely viewed with suspicion. ...more

Valentine's Day - To Recycling With Love

Valentine’s Day is a festival of cards, candy, and flowers. During this holiday, 65% of all US households will exchange greeting cards, 38% will give or receive candy, and 32% will turn to flowers to say, “Will you be my Valentine?” ...more

Rutabaga Retraction!

Dear Readers,    Although I’m a “vegetable ignoramus,” I do strive for accuracy in my veggie posts.  Last week I wrote about rutabagas and told you I found it difficult to tell rutabagas apart from purple top turnips.  Turns out, my confusion was worse than I thought.  The picture I posted and labeled as rutabagas was actually a picture of purple top turnips. An astute reader and vegetable expert noticed my error and gently corrected me….(thank you!)  Pictures in last week’s post have been corrected, and this week, I offer you my rutabaga vs. purple top turnip comparison to clear up any confusion. In case you’re wondering, I swear, I really did EAT a rutabaga last week!  And it was good! ...more

I used both rutabagas and turnips for the first time last weekend. I think I got them from ...more

Have An Organic Valentine's Day!

What do you do if you are a romantic and want to celebrate Valentine's Day with your special someone?  You don't want to betray your heart-felt feelings of social and environmental sustainability, yet you want to show your heart-felt feelings of personal affection.... ...more

For next years´ Valentine´s Day!

Cadbury Dairy Milk is now Fair Trade Certified in Canada ...more