New Beginnings.......

Fresh start to a new month.....and the best part is that my food budget is "full" again!! I love it! Every month I shop at Costco, Whole Foods & Publix. As the month is winding down & ending...I sometimes start to run out of staples in my pantry. ...more

The High Cost of Cheap Food and How Debt Is Making Us Fat.

There was an interesting article this week in TIME magazine - Getting Real About The High Cost of Cheap Food.  The article goes into detail about the harmful effects of cheap food on our environment, our finances, and ourselves. Have you read the article? From Choosing Raw - Nutrition in the News:  The High Price of Cheap Food... ...more

It's become a race against the clock and wallet. Meaning it's a double edged sword.  ...more

Coupons with a Conscience

Last year during the holiday giving season, the recession was really gloomy news for nonprofits.   Colleagues Allison Fine and Marnie Web started something called the Givelist.  It was a crowd sourced list of ways that one could support causes that don't necessarily require writing a check.  ...more

What a great idea!  This was the first I had heard of it.  We work with a lot of non-profits, ...more

Love and Live a Handmade Life

The idea of a handmade life is very different then it was over 100 years ago, when the necessity to create things for everyday use was a way of life, and for some depended on their own survival. Now all we need in the world can be bought, shipped, and presented to us with a click of a mouse. So why should we incorporate the handmade life into our modern lives? ...more

Safekeeping of Your Jewelry - Part 1 - Travelling With Jewelry

Your personal jewelry has been acquired over your lifetime.  It could be something as sentimental as your first gold chain with religious medallion, your childhood charm bracelet, diamond engagement ring or inherited antique jewelry just to name a few.  Nonetheless, these pieces not only have sentimental worth, but also significant monetary value. ...more

when travelling, if it's not necessary just don't bring it. specially if it has a significance ...more

Turning back-to-school lunches green

People often think "going green" means you have to spend a lot of money. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Making school (or even work) lunches green doesn't require a huge outlay of cash. In fact, by packing eco-friendly lunches, you are more likely to save money, your children are more likely to eat healthier foods, and you are taking care of the earth by producing less waste. It's a win-win-win!  ...more


It was actually your post-BlogHer post where you pointed out the organic fruit ...more

Christmas is too far away.

Last month a local radio station played Christmas music and called it “Christmas In July.”  I was right there, singing along.  Our local American Cancer Society Discovery Shop also declared it was “Christmas In July” and devoted half of the store to decorations, special china, the works. I browsed but didn’t buy. Now that it’s August, Christmas still seems too far away.   I could use a little Christmas right now. ...more

Anita Garner

Ah yes, back to school, Halloween and all manner of other events before ...more

Make the Most of New Morning Meals

In the world of food news, it's hard to keep up. From better-for-you to on-the-go dishes, food product manufacturers and restaurant outlets are introducing menu items at lightning speed. When it comes to processing the information, food magazines, consumer interest websites and independent critics seem to have everyone covered. Everyone that is, except for singles. That's why Single Edition has decided to launch a food roundup series. This regular feature will focus on items that satisfy some of our needs for portability, convenience and portion control. ...more

Fried Freakin' Green Tomatoes

My sweet little brother has grown into quite a hard working, responsible family man. He has a cute little wife he's been in love with since he was like 12 years old and they are expecting their first baby in a couple of months. He's fixing up a little farm house for them to live forever in, and works the family business. (He's not all that perfect though, he is my brother, I lived with him for 25 years and know what he smells like, sounds like, and looks like after he's slept for 15 hours.) ...more

Brooke Shields, Malibu...and Me!

See that photo above? You'd never guess the event. Beautiful sand, surf, sunset, "s"elebrities (sorry, had an "s" thing going and couldn't stop). Give up?  It was a Tupperware party in Malibu, hosted by Brooke Shields. Yes, mamas, that's how we do all the Tupperware parties in California - with cabanas, and bartenders, and young men playing guitar... ...more