Anna's peppers

This is from a good friend of mine, Anna, who is from Italy.  These are yummy!...more

Creamy Dijon Mushroom Green Beans - Low Carb!


Spinach Medley

Sour Cream Spinach - Low Carb!

Sour Cream Spinach - Low Carb!...more

Can't Decide What's For Dinner? Try The Side Dish Solution

I’m so embarrassed to admit this to you. How can I possibly have such a huge problem? Me! The person who:keeps a copy of Fine Cooking Magazine in the car to read at red lights;has friends calling to ask if homemade corn dogs should be frozen before or after cooking;comes back from a holiday in Switzerland jabbering non-stop about röschti and raclette only to go completely silent when asked about the mountains.has a freaking food blog, for crying out loud!But honestly, it is me who has this problem: I can never figure out what to make for dinner....more
 @emmycooks Like @CookTheStory , I looked at your description of that quinoa dish and thought, ...more

Sesame Rice with Cold Cucumber, Chive and Lime

During a recent brainstorming exercise I wrote a list of my favorite meals. Here’s part of that list:Cheeseburger with Toasted Bun, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Red Onion and Mayo,Tostados, like these,Boiled Perogies with Bacon, Onions and a Rather Large Dollop of Sour Cream,Pad Thai topped with Crunchy Bean Sprouts, Cilantro and Lime,...more

Raw vegetable brochettes

When thinking of vegetable brochettes we think straight away... 'summer time', grilled brochettes on the barbecue, friends and family... ....more

Sage Baked Cauliflower Recipe

By Amie Valpone, Culinary Marketing Consultant & CEO of the gluten-free blog, The Healthy Apple.Here is a quick and easy cauliflower recipe that’s roasted to perfection- perfect for a breezy March afternoon or a warm April evening....more

Zucchini salad with blue cheese

A salad which doesn't only bring some fresh colours to your plate but also a great, crunchy taste....more

Fried rice

In just no time you can turn plain white rice into something so delicious, with just a few simple ingredients, offering a different texture and a nice blend of the different flavours, soaked up by the rice, while frying.This dish can easily prepared in advance and reheated in the microwave or oven.   ...more